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Don't Miss Out On The Chance To Start Your Dream Career  Business With Horses AND EXTRA's!

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We are serious about this equine assisted certification. If you are serious about your dream career then reserve your seat NOW!

Attend this webinar to get all of the answers to your burning questions straight from the "horses mouth"! PLUS receive all the benefits of the BLACK FRIDAY EXTRA-GANZA!


What You Will Learn On This FREE Equine Assisted Webinar


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How We’ll Prove Everyone Wrong That Horses CAN Actually Make You Money…


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What You DON’T Need To Begin…


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How Equine Assisted Learning Can Change Your Life And The Lives Of Your Horses. You Can Change People’s Lives, Without Having a Degree…


Meet Your Hosts

Horse Certification Course | Equine Connection | Horse Business

Kari Fulmek & Carolyn Charles
Equine Connection - The Academy of
Equine Assisted Learning

Hey there! We specialize in empowering people and horses to live their best lives with life-changing skills programs to move forward with purpose!! So, if you are looking to have a better partnership with your horse, to communicate better with your horse, or simply make a profound difference in your horse's life, then we can definitely help you. As industry leaders, we dedicate all that we teach and all that we do the welfare of the horse!

Kari Fulmek is the Master Instructor & Senior Facilitator/Founder Of Equine Connection, is a wealth of information on all things ‘horse’ and the absolute expert in making up odd and endearing phrases that will make your learning 100 times more enjoyable and memorable!

And Carolyn Charles is Master Instructor & Facilitator, the voice of Equine Connection - taking up the slack in the IT and marketing department, as well as the true queen of taking sarcasm to a new and lovable level.

We’ve been established since 2011, helping hundreds of ‘horsepreneurs’ around the world bring their passion of working with horses and helping people together in an enriching, rewarding way through Equine Assisted Learning.

We help people like you - who have a desire and passion to work with horses to help people - bring it together into a fulfilling, life-changing career!

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