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Now, more than ever, you have unlimited potential when it comes to what you can achieve.

All it takes is the right attitude, the right plan, the right opportunities and the right tools. Getting it 'right' is just what this unique course is all about. It's specially designed to give you powerful information and profound insights that will make a lasting, positive impact on your life and your business - helping you get orgnaizations right out of the gate without having to sit there and figure out what steps to take.

The Business Accelerator is for the dedicated. The committed. The accountable. And those ready to make a difference in the world!

We give you all of the steps, all of the strategies and all of the formulas, but sometimes, we need that extra push to actually implement, to be accountable to ourselves and our businesses!


So, What's Included In This Easy To Follow System?

Proven, Tested & Tried 13 Week Online Course
This PROVEN, TESTED & TRIED 13 week online course will help you get organizations right off the bat! With over 24 hours of value-packed content, 8 coaches and instructors and the simple, easy to follow system set up to bring you to success - this course will be sure to accelerate your business and help you land organization(s) in just 13 weeks! You'll get lifetime access to this online course!
Private Group To Ask Questions & Get Support
This private Workplace Group will be purely about connecting with like-minded peers who are also ready to take the plunge and dive head first into this program! This group will be members only and will allow you to ask questions, get guidance and connect with people in the same boat as you!
Templates, Scripts & Easy To Follow Formulas
Inside of The Business Accelerator, you will receive access to already done templates, scripts and more so that you can find your organizations, set up contracts with organizations and move forwards in your business with ease!


Bonus #1

Deep Dive Trainings On Each Of Your Curriculum Programs

These must-have, bingeworthy trainings are NOT included in your Training Videos - nor can you find them anywhere else! These trainings go into a deep dive of EACH of your curriculum programs, that you can listen on repeat to, helping you to become the best facilitator possible and iron out any of those kinks that you may have run into when running or setting up your programs!

Bonus #2

Mindset Training With Jane Pike

Jane Pike is an absolute genius and thought leader in the equestrian mindset department! With well over 5 hours of training, you'll have access to the hottest mindset training ALL catered to our industry and our Equine Assisted Learning Businesses! You'll be able to overcome Imposter Syndrome, Overwhelm, Understand How To Deal With Covid in a Healthy Way For Business, Stop Procrastinating, Learn How To Deal With Self-Sabotage and learn how to build a solid Money Mindset!

Bonus #3

Schelli Whitehouse Strategy Sessions

Schelli Whitehouse is an author, cowgirl, and design expert for extraordinary equine inspired businesses. She helps equine assisted coaches, therapists, and facilitators weave their personal genius, ambitions, and philosophy into a lifestyle business with horsepower! Schelli’s mission is to help equine inspired transformation become as popular as yoga and Starbucks by assisting other passionate practitioners to reach the people they are meant to serve! And these advanced strategy sessions helping you to your superpowers and prices, will take you and your business to the next level!

Bonus #4

Elite Business Strategy Trainings & Systems

From goal setting, to getting and controlling the media, to networking and making residual income - these various additional business strategies and trainings will take you from mediocre to unstoppable! With a deep dive into each of these topics, you can easily apply them to your business at any given time and you will feel confident and ready to take on the world alongside your horses!

Bonus #5

Optimizing LinkedIn System

Have you ever heard that you "need to be on LinkedIn"? There is so much power in LinkedIn - and this system is going to teach you how to optimize your profile and use LinkedIn effectively so that you can start building relationships immediately!

Bonus #6

ADDITIONAL Resources & Tools

From resources that you can apply to your business - to feeling confident gathering testimonials from clients - to emails that you can use to draw people into your business - you’ll be sure to have the right tools with this bonus!

Bonus #7

Covid Proof Your Business

We all know how hard Covid has been - and we all understand how frustrating it can feel when trying to move our businesses forward but there just doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. In these trainings, we will cover How To Make Money Right Now During Covid, How To Create Online Courses or Offerings AND Getting Organizations! You’d be crazy to miss out on these!




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What Will I Learn & Be Able To Implement?

  • Learn how to set boundaries and gain an understanding of where you are now - and where you want to go with actionable steps that will turn your ‘dream’ into a ‘reality’
  • Help you build relationships with potential clients, with barns, with other facilities and grow your network so that you don’t feel alone on this journey
  • Assist you in developing your foundation - so that you are rock-solid in who you are - what you specialize in - and creating an irristible platform for your business
  • ​Learn how to find connections to organizations, how to contact them, be guided through a proven script as to how you will find the ‘right’ people
  • ​Articulate who you are in your business, what makes you stand out, and emphasize how you are different than ANY OTHER ‘competitor’ out there
  • ​Find your unique pricing with no guilt on the amount that you charge - because you are worth it and deserve to be making money (no more freebies!)
  • Focus on getting your proposals, websites and social media platforms together - and articulating a crystal clear, irresistible offer that organizations won’t be able to resist
  • Learn how to communicate and navigate conversation for your meetings, before you even have to speak to anyone!
  • ​Master your elevator speech and be totally interview ready
  • Learn how to negotiate pricing and contracts with your organizations, so that it’s a win win at all times
  • Get clients in the door by finalizing all of the small details that you may have not had a chance to think about yet
  • ​Learn the power in following up
  • ​Prepare your materials and programs
  • ​And so much more!

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