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Participation, retention, fun and oh yea… a horse!

We believe you have a calling - a purpose here on Earth. It's not just about making money--it goes beyond that! We train you to find your true self through our Global Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Certification and Business Training Course™, which will lead you towards a fulfilling future as an entrepreneur who is empowered by what brings meaning into every aspect of your life. Having a career you love with horses...and finding happiness along the way helping humans through horses. We’re here for the long haul, for the life of your career! It's Not Just A Course...It's a Career!



Horses are like mini-therapists. They make people smile, giggle and feel better about themselves being in their presence! It is a unique and profound way to make the world better for everyone.

This eight-day Certification Course is the R-EAL D-EAL! With two options for learning;

  1. Virtual Interactive Certification Course - eight days of training including your five-day virtual course and Three-Day Hands-On Training
    We make your virtual training experience as close to, if not better than, being in person! PLUS Pre and Post Courses to move your forward!
  2. Online At Your Own Pace Certification Course - Four months (160 hours) of theoretical learning and Three-Day Hands-On Training
    This is not your typical online course! It is engaging, fun and packed FULL of information that will keep you coming back for more - while taking it all in at your own pace! Pre and Post Courses to move your forward!

Do you love horses and helping people? Then THIS is your dream career!

This course is just as much for you as it for every client you will have in your arena. And we are here to help you achieve your dream.

We are passionate and invested in your career as we aren’t successful until you are! Our instructors specialize in creating successful facilitators with the formulation to get your career running right out of the gate with your one-time investment because the course doesn't end even after you've finished your initial training, its just the beginning! Our reputation is your guarantee! This course has it all, including;

  • The 'Outside the Box Business Package’©  - Created by Equine Connection including everything you need to run your business and a formula that lets you know what to do to get your business moving right away.
  • A Proven Curriculum and Form Of Delivery - Walk away with practical, step-by-step guides on how to run all your programs: Including lesson plans, activities, set up instruction for your outdoor or indoor arena, and materials needed. Backed by a five-year university study!
  • Hundreds of Facilitators around the world are already successfully running these programs for their own clients.
  • All the benefits of a franchise without actually being a franchise! No restrictions or fees but all the money making potential!
  • Discounts for the Equine Guelph (Centre at the University of Guelph)! The welfare of the horse is paramount! We are proud to be partnering with Equine Guelph (Centre at the University of Guelph) to promote the welfare of the horse in this well-established certification.
  • Our extensive knowledge and experience! We have the best credentials necessary to help you get contracts and master agreements in place.
    Entrepreneurial training in this industry. Support, tutorials, zooms, networking and collaboration - 24-hour availability.
  • Invitation to attend the Exclusive EC Annual Conference, providing opportunities for like minded people and industry peers.
  • Membership to the EAL Network, the governing body for Equine Connection Certified Facilitators, that assures a global standard of excellence and Code of Ethics for all facilitators, their horses and clients.
  • A new perspective on how brilliant your horse is at being the teacher will help you better understand what it takes to facilitate successful sessions.
  • Forever training! No one becomes an expert in days, but you can become an expert with the right certification that assists you every step of the way.


"The virtual live course is very interactive and surpassed my expectations. The training and information was easy to learn and understandable. Zoom meetings are boring and will cause me to be distracted easily. The virtual course was engaging! I never felt as though I could not follow. Kari and Carolyn had my full attention and were so full of positivity! The platform is user friendly & they took the time to make sure that all facilitators have the tools to succeed. This course offers so much knowledge and skill for moving forward with empowering people! 

Although I haven't attended the 3 day course yet, my life was changed on day one! I noticed within me how I was thinking outside of the box when dealing with my business and my horses. I have changed everything with my interaction with my horses. I am more intentional with everything I do with them. I was able to use  techniques with my mares and their body language said everything. I am so thankful that I finally took this step and get to be part of such amazing group of people. You are my people! Thank you so much!"

~Janelle Duhon 
“ An excellent course, with great instructors - set up to succeed!  I was searching EAL and looking for certification opportunities, but the courses needed to be legit, governed or regulated somehow. Then I came across Equine Connection. 

I was also lacking confidence in the ability to be successful with a virtual classroom - new experience for me.  The results were astounding!  The instructors and materials were excellent.  The organization and presentation was easy to follow. 

So not only have I gained confidence in the virtual world, but I have gained life changing learning that will come with me as I work toward my dream job.  Thank you Equine Connection for all you do!"

~Louise Piper



Do you have what it takes to become a Certified Facilitator? We guarantee an experience with life-changing outcomes!    
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"I graduated from the program in 2017 and I will tell you it was an intense week of learning: theory, processes, marketing, hands on sessions
with real participants, Horsemanship, business...phew! No way I could remember all this once home but they thought of EVERYTHING!
When you get home you get to review all the concepts, review the whole course at your own leisure whenever FOREVER!!! They even
have videos you can purchase of all the sessions so you can review each of them before you facilitate! What does this mean?
That means that you can spend more time actually learning, listening and  participating during your certification week rather than taking
 pages and pages of notes!!! That’s not all...if you still need clarification; they are available all the time so are all the other graduates.
It can’t get any better than that!!!"
~ Flo Branconnier