Additional EAL exercises/programs? Only $147

All About Boundaries
Objective: Problem Solving

Objective: Communication Styles

Did I Hear You?
Objective: Active Listening

Power Within
Objective: Self Esteem

Count on Me
Objective: Problem Solving

Red Lite Green Lite
Objective: Focus

Thinking Inside The Box
Objective: Problem Solving

Communication Rocks
Objective: Listening

Project Runway
Objective: Confidence


Canadian Facilitators International Facilitators
Program Name
Program Name

Need programs in French? 

Normally these would be $149/program (so $1799 for all 12 curriculum programs), but since you have all already taken the course we figured that we would do a bit better on that, so we decided $500 for all 12 programs including:

  • station cards
  • program descriptions
  • teacher handouts
  • extras

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