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Shop our store for moving forward in your Equine-Assisted Learning business can sometimes be tricky! We have created tools that you can add to your portfolio and help keep your business moving forward. Exercises, lesson plans, instructional materials, and ready to print.

Training Videos

Do you want to know what to say? How to say it? And how to parallel learnings to life? With these training videos for your 12-week curriculum programs and exercises, you have the opportunity to practice your skills so you will feel confident in the delivery of your programs. We all know practice makes perfect, so it is time to perfect hitting those objectives!


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Equine Connection Conference 2025 in BROWNSVILLE, TX

Equine Connection is taking the 2025 Conference on the ROAD! To Brownsville, Tx! May 2 – 3, 2025!

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Virtual Summit

We all have one thing in common – helping people change their lives with horses!

And what better way to spend your day, than waking up and committing to learning something new that will help you grow as a person, a horse-person, AND in your business! If you are ready to take charge of your future, attend our Virtual Summit on February 17th, 2023!

No matter what stage of success you’re at – whether it be just beginning or already leading the pack – this conference has something for everyone!

The Virtual Equine Connection Summit gives you the opportunity to network with the top leaders in their respective fields and learn from the best teachers on how to implement the right strategies to improve your business (and relationship with your horses!).

You’ll gain insight into marketing, messaging, building your relationship with your horses, and so much more – all tailored specifically for entrepreneurs in the equine industry! #HolyJumpinTunaFish

Join your fellow horse peeps from around the world for fun, interactive, and educational sessions that will help you succeed! Plus, connect with industry pros to get hands-on advice and ongoing support in your business journey! 

Learn more about Keynote Speaker, Conference & Download Agenda by scrolling down the page.

*You will get access to Replays when you purchase the event!*

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Open Ended Question Cards

Are you struggling to ask open ended questions? Then it is time to order these open ended question cards! It prepares you mentally and allows you to practice daily to train your brain to ask open ended questions.

Opened ended question cards provides you with the opportunity to practice daily on how to pose questions. Simply, grab one or two a day and begin training your brain on how to ask these open ended questions. Not only does it prepare you mentally but it gives you the power to be the best facilitator there is!

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The Ultimate Facilitator Guide

Feel frustrated or like you’re on a hamster wheel having no idea how to make your EAL business successful? This guide is exclusively for EC Facilitators and provides insights on how to achieve success in your EAL business. The guide includes success stories from Equine Connection, myself, my husband, and other facilitators. Best of all, it’s completely free!

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BEMER Veterinary Line

WHAT IS BEMER? Bemer is regeneration therapy via Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation. Bemer utilizes a patented multi-dimensional signal (waveform)…

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Programs (Single & Pre-Packaged)

Authentic You Women’s Workshop

Calling all women! Lets help women unfold their potential and help give them a life with meaning because they are authentic to who they are!

Authentic You Workshops are designed with a specific series of objectives to hit the goal for their own personal journey in finding their own most authentic version of self! Women come together to discover what gives their life meaning by understanding their authentic selves. Real, sustainable change comes when your clients find the answers for themselves. 

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Women’s Workshop Curriculum

A lesson plan series to help you help women through working with horses. This can be run as a weekend workshop or broken up into a series. If you are wanting to work with women and help them to gain insight into themselves, this is the one for you!

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Building Men Workshop

Calling all men! Men are always being told to do better and more. Let’s put an end to that stigma as we help men discover the tools and skills for them to become their best selves!
Building Men Workshop are designed with specific objectives to give men the tools and skills for them to become their best self! In today’s world, men are always being told to do more and better. However, it is time to end that stigma through these workshops. Through facilitating your clients, men will learn about themselves while also learning about horses, which makes this program perfect for people who want to build their confidence and social skills. The Building Men Workshop With Horses will teach them everything from helping them regain control of their relationships, career, health and so much more while working on themselves from within. Through this course, you can help men gain new experiences while building their confidence at the same time! Are you ready to help men all around the globe?
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Men’s Workshop Curriculum

A fully prepared lesson plan deigned just for men!

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Family Herd Series

It’s time for you to get the gang back together! This is a mission that needs YOU to help (re)connect families and (re)develop relationships!

The Family Herd series is designed with specific objectives to help reconnect family with fun and inviting designed courses. This is an opportunity to facilitate the learning through the horses and allow families to gain adequate knowledge and skills that transfers into their family dynamics. Families will have the opportunities to go through a series of courses to develop strong skills to keep their family going. Are you ready to facilitate thriving relationships? I bet these families will be so excited, their dinner conversations will be about their days!

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Family Workshop Curriculum

 A fully prepared curriculum lesson plan to build the skills families need to function like a true herd!

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The Famous Anti Bullying Program

What would it be like for kids to live in a world without bullying? It’s a world that we want to get to. It’s time to STAND UP and facilitate the future! As seen on Disney’s The Family Channel.

The Famous Anti Bullying Course is designed with specific objectives to help child(ren) who have aggressive behaviours develop skills to curve bullying. These skills will include positive leadership skills, developing choice-making and goal-setting skills, and encouraging responsibility, creativity and laughter. This is an opportunity to provide bully proofing skills that are designed to work through facilitation with the horse. These children need you! Are you ready to help children learn techniques and strategies to stand up to bullying?

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Communication Curriculum

Communication is ALWAYS the KEY! A fully prepared curriculum lesson plan to build the skills to take charge of your life. You can’t control other people’s actions, but you can stay true to yourself. 

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Corporate Workshop in a Box

The future does not have to be scary! With THE FUTURE IS COMING, businesses can forecast times of uncertainty and are able to develop forecasting skills and enhance creative problem-solving skills. A great opportunity to brainstorm ideas to maintain a competitive edge in difficult economic times.

The Future Is Coming is a workshop that was designed with Ken Cameron and our own EAL facilitator Russell Stratton and is successfully delivered by them at both the Banff Centre, here in Alberta and to business leaders across Canada via the TEC network.

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Single EAL Exercises

If you are looking for something to add to your toolbox and spice up your existing curriculum, take a gander below at all the fun and exciting Equine Assisted Exercises and choose what is perfect for you! With various objectives to choose from and something for every appropriate application. With its curriculum lasting longer than 12 weeks, this innovative program will take even the most experienced practitioners on an adventure, unlike anything they have ever encountered. Not only do we guarantee that your skills will be pushed beyond their limits, but we also ensure that everything is done with respect and care for our horses and humans. Get yours today!

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French Curriculum

Your same phenomenal curriculum – but en francais!

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Be You @ The Barn

BeYou@TheBarn takes the lessons learned from our horses and brings them to life online. This comprehensive, pre-packaged…

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Online Courses

Business Accelerator Course


This has been designed with YOU specifically in mind. And putting you on the right track to success! If you’re looking to accelerate your business and want to get those organizations in, this is the time to do it!

Take Action & Get Organizations With Our Proven System!

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Business With Horses 101

Are you ready to turn your dreams of working with horses into a profitable reality? Look no further. Our online course “Start & Grow Your Equine Business” will teach you everything you need to know about launching and managing an equine business. Whether you’re a novice or already certified in another equine field, this comprehensive guide will get you up and running in no time.

Enroll now and learn how to effectively develop, manage and market your business in the equine industry. We provide a simple, step-by-step curriculum that covers all the essential topics—from understanding the fundamentals of equine business operations to implementing effective strategies for marketing and growth. You’ll be ready to turn your vision into reality!

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Business With Horse 201

The only course you need to accelerate your business and get your contract in just 13 short weeks! This powerful proven system is designed specifically with YOU in mind and will put you on the fast track to success! Take action and get organizations with ease thanks to our innovative program. Our program includes step-by-step instructions for everything from finding clients and setting up an organization to developing marketing strategies, managing expenses, and budgeting. All of which will help you conquer any challenging project or goal. Put your trust in our tried and tested system and get ready to watch as it totally revolutionizes your career! Get ready to skyrocket your profits starting today.

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Two Weeks To Empowerment

You will find the courage to change and discover your deepest life purpose. You will look forward to each day with happiness, feeling proud of who you are, relieved that you know who you are and excitement in your purpose filled life. A true goldmine and guide to claiming your authentic self!

Know what your next step will be with conviction to face each day with a completely new outlook on what you are capable of achieving and renewed awareness of beautiful you. This course is designed to give you the power to go after what you want in this short life with vigour and enthusiasm every day you live and breath!

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Equus Empowered

Have you ever thought to yourself? I wonder why my horse often nuzzles me here? Why does my horse nudge my client? What is all this talk regarding energy and horses? Is my horse a healer? I wish my horse could just talk!

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Payment Plan for Facilitators

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