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Imagine Yourself Helping People Change Their Lives Through Unforgettable Learning From Horses

Introducing a revolutionary astounding way to changing lives through horses! Serving people that are striving to meet their destiny while working together with the horse and earn a living versus only dreaming about it.

"No matter if I’m talking to a potential new client or I’m welcoming and new client into my program, I always talk about what a wonderful certification I have since 2016. I explained how after I was certified, Equine Connection stays in touch with me daily to keep me up to date and answer questions. I also have an entire community of fellow facilitators that are there to share ideas and support. When asked why I chose this certification, I honestly reply because they didn’t leave me the day I got certified. They have helped me build a business I never thought was possible. I make a living with my horses helping others! What else would you want?" Angela Cardenas

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Do you have a passion and purpose for working with horses and people? Then look no further! This is your dream job! Experience a nonstandard facet of a horse business where you work with your horse in an entirely different way. No riding is involved in these 'objectively driven' exercises where the horses teach, and we as facilitators empower the clients to access the answers in their lives with programs that will give them results. The qualifications to be a Certified Facilitator would be your love of horses, your own passion and need to help people.

When you enroll in this, life-changing, one-of-a-kind, a distinctive and very fun course comprising 15 programs/exercises with results, you will learn how four-legged teachers help and communicate with participants in learning the power and strength of building skills to enable inside themselves. Expand your knowledge of the market, increase your small business marketability, bringing purpose and potential to help another human being.

It's not just a course... it's a career! An internationally recognized company with integrity, contracts with organizations and media that help you with credibility taking it back to your community. We help you have the career you've dreamed of and save you money doing it! You choose if you want it to be full-time, part-time or casual. Scroll below for a course near you.

The Equine Assisted Business Training (EABT) is essential to setting up your business and of course hearing, seeing and understand how horses genuinely are the teachers to your success. You will also get an 'Online Review Course' which is a 4 month course to help solidify all the training and learning you received over your 5 days with us.

We guarantee an experience with life-changing outcomes, knowing how to use your certification and supply you something you've never experienced that differs to your traditional equine learning and execute immediately. Fulfill your destiny today! Payment plan to kickstart your career interest-free.

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