Business With Horses 101

Course Week September 10, 2019 through September 24, 2027

Start Time: September 10, 2019 at 8:30 AM
End Time: September 24, 2027 at 12:00 AM
Early end time on last day of all Certification Courses
Address: ONLINE, Equine Connection Certified EAL Course Facility.

Business With Horses 101

You have a dream that includes horses, donkeys, or ponies. And with this, you know that one day you will run your business with equines. OR you already have a business up and running.

Now you know that you have a desire, a passion, a purpose to serve in the industry with these incredible creatures. The only thing is… you haven’t gone to business school. You’ve always worked for someone. You never thought your dream career would actually come true and so you don’t know where to even start with your business. Or you’ve started your business, but you feel like something is “missing” and you’re not sure what or how to find out what you’re “missing”.

  • You are an EAGALA Practitioner;
  • You are a PATH Facilitator;
  • You are an equine assisted learning facilitator or instructor;
  • You run a psychotherapy facility;
  • You have a hippo-therapy or therapeutic riding facility;
  • You own a Tack Shop;
  • You are a Horse Riding Coach or Instructor;
  • You run horsemanship clinics;
  • You are a farrier;
  • You own an equine massage, chiropractic or reiki practice;
  • You are Horse Trainer;
  • You run an Equine Rescue;
  • You host Birthday Parties; events; or camps;
  • Or if you are anyone in the equine field;
Then this Business With Horses 101 9-week Online Course is for you!

Why? Well, because we can always get more clear. We can always define our goals to fit our business. We can always take steps to help grow our businesses to take them even further. We can really hone in on those “missing” pieces. We can always use that extra accountability and outside support to help us move forward. And we can do so that we get the most bang for your buck so that you can focus on what you truly love… and that is your love for your horses, for your business.

And if you are brand spanking new to business, you can learn the in’s, the out’s, the how-tos and the what-to-dos.

Sometimes we just want to run our businesses so badly, that we miss the most important parts of setting the foundations for our businesses. And once the foundation is set, boy oh boy does that help with the success of our business.

This course will not only make it clear who you serve, what it is you are offering, and show you the steps to be able to successfully set-up your business, but will take you to the level of professionalism that you are looking to find so that you can market your business and gain clients, so that you look credible because you know every aspect of your business.

You will learn to:
  • Identify your ideal client, the right way;
  • Identify your goals, you why, and really understand your business through and through;
  • Figure out the necessary components of your business - will you be a for-profit, a not for profit, do you need insurance, where to get insurance, do I need employees, can I use volunteers?
  • Where to market; how to market and how to do it effectively to reach the right people;
  • Putting your vision to the forefront of your business;
  • Make you look so flipping good that even you are impressed at how professional your business is;
  • Build your social media audience;
  • Learn what you need in your website to convert clients.  
It’s time to see the forest through the trees. Time to reduce that overwhelming feeling of running a business. Time to take a step back to set a solid foundation that will bring you success! You may not be born with that entrepreneurial blood, but with a defined step-by-step system to help you take action, move forward and build a solid foundation, this course will take you and your business leaps and bounds.

So what do you get with this incredible online course for equine entrepreneurs?
  • Unlimited & lifelong access to this course;
  • 9 weeks of actionable steps to move your business forward;
  • An incredible community of support and accountability;
  • Three instructors who have been immersed in the business world for 30+ years, run a successful international business with horses coaching over 400 equine inspired businesses around the globe, and who want to help YOU be successful in bringing your incredible business to the world;
  • Exercises, videos and worksheets to get you where you need to be!
  • ONLY $497!
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