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Our Journey Around the World - Huntsville Ont.

Posted June 29, 2013

Our Journey Around the World: Part 1 - Huntsville, ON

The first traveling school ever for Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning - woohoo!

We were very very excited! Huntsville was our first traveling school and we didn’t really know how the classroom for the course was going to transpire. We arrived into Huntsville, Ontario in awe of the sheer beauty that surrounded us and headed off to Back of Beyond where the course was being hosted. Driving down the road to her place was so magical that we were waiting for a unicorn to pop its head out at any point! What a GORGEOUS place! We met with the lovely Cathy and she showed us the classroom area. Although it was a little small and maybe not what we expected, it worked beautifully for us and our facilitators!

Then we met the horses! WOW! What an incredible herd! We even got to work with some of her Clydesdales! There is nothing like walking beside a clyde! You can literally feel every step they take as the ground moves beneath you! It was a little nerve racking even for us, but very quickly we fell in love with these gentle giants.

We stayed at a lovely little B&B with probably the most caring and generous host that we have ever met! Suzanne of the Crews on Inn was PHENOMENAL! She took care of everything! There was nothing we needed to bring or take care of. We were always stocked with coffee and everything had so much character! If you are ever in Huntsville you HAVE to stay there!  

Another shining star of this trip was a restaurant called That Little Place by the Lights. There we ate the most delicious pasta of our entire lives!!!! We didn’t even talk though dinner but rather just made grunting noises as we stuffed our faces of this delightful food! After we plowed it back in record time, we rolled out of the restaurant to go straight off to bed!

Huntsville was an amazing place with fantastic people and scenery that made you feel as though you had walked straight into a Thomas Kinkade painting! And off we went home! Stay tuned for our next EAL journey!

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