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Our Journey Around the World - Huntsville Ont.

Posted June 7, 2015

Our Journey Around the World: Part 7 - Huntsville, ON

Our second time to Huntsville seemed like it was going to be a breeze! Heck we had been there before, we were even staying at the same lovely B&B, AND we had a GPS! And it really was easy! Our host facility was once again amazing and the team of facilitators were awesome.

We even had one gentleman who actually had no horse experience, but simply knew that this type of learning was on the upswing, so he wanted to hop on the wagon early! Jim was a fantastic learner, but every once in awhile, would randomly disappear! The running joke became, “Where’s Jim,” as it seemed one of us was always asking that question. He was a fantastic sport about all the girls teasing him!

Another lovely bonus of our second time back is that we even got a few visitors! Monique and Melina both travelled to come pick our brains and get in some practice while we were in town!

A few days in, Carolyn’s cold that she started out the trip with started to get worse. And worse… and worse. Eventually the girl had purchased enough cold medicine that she could breathe! We had also decided to get some training videos done on this trip too! You’ll notice that these ones feature mostly Kari and Carolyn.

Once again, Suzanne Thompson was a beautiful host as we stayed at the Crews On Inn. Such a lovely stay, with beautiful people, beautiful horses and beautiful scenery!

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