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Does your agenda match your purpose?

Posted November 25, 2015

Does your agenda match your purpose?

True empowerment means living your life so that you are filled with a sense of purpose every single day. Your work doesn’t feel like work; it feels like life.

By Kari Fulmek

Living empowered means making sure that your agenda allows you the time and space to be all that you can be. It means ensuring that your special gift has a chance to be nurtured and grow to the benefit of yourself and others.

It means controlling your priorities and your time so that you get to the destination of your choice.

Being a martyr to the whims and wishes of others will slow your progress and send you on endless detours and will serve nobody well.

Look at next week’s agenda. What part of your schedule allows room for you to move towards being a more empowered human being? Are there pockets of time every day, or does you “to do” list far exceed your “to be” list?

If you are constantly working, no matter how admirable that may look on the surface, it may mean that other aspects of your life are not getting the attention they deserve. If you are all about production, where does you dreaming and creativity fit in?

You cannot live an empowered life if your time is totally dedicated to the completion of tasks.
While it may be satisfying at the end of the day to see all those neat checkmarks on your list of what needed to be done, you will also find yourself running on empty.

We need balance and variety in our life to allow ourselves to develop as full human beings. If you do not allow for such periods of time or the occasional day off, it will be hard to grow.

An ant moves busily about its day, forever darting here and there on tasks, but it is not evolving to a higher level of itself. It is certainly not going to change the world, and it is not going to be a force for empowering others.

Don’t live your life like that. Create the time you need to imagine, to dream, to consider and to listen to the day you are in. Envision the things that are not obvious. Hear the music that has not yet been played.

You will also need two minutes at different intervals of the day to practice mindfulness and ensure that you return from your thoughts to the present moment.

If you can’t possibly work any of these things in your schedule, your agenda needs readjusting.

Can you make corrections?

Several times a year stop completely and ask yourself, “am I still moving in the best direction for me?”

Kari Fulmek is the author of “Two Weeks to Empowerment: How to take charge of your life and find your true purpose” and the founder and owner of Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc. She is a Certified Master EAL Instructor and a Certified EAL Facilitator. From her base near Calgary, AB in the foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, she travels the globe to empower clients. To learn more about Kari, visit her website at:

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