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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take the Certification Course?

There are two options;
  1. Virtual Interactive Certification Course (5-Days)
    This will be live and “in-person” and will run just like all of the classroom portions in a face-to-face class. You will be able to ask questions, be interactive with each other and your instructors and still have the same high quality, small-class-sized certification education as you would in person! You will be able to ask questions, interact with each other and your instructors and still have the same high-quality certification education as you would in person. You will have access to a platform which will supply all your tutorial videos along with homework to complete before we meet for the next day training.
  2. Online Certification Course (Work At Your Own Pace)
    An Online Course where you will work through course modules when, and where you can! The course is designed to take approximately 4 months, but can also be completed faster or slower depending on your lifestyle.
After you have completed this portion, there is a 3-Day Hands-On Training portion. 
"Too much happiness and relief, I realized after day two of taking this certification course that Equine Connection was precisely the objective-based, social-emotional ground work curriculum that I had been looking for over 5 years. Even after all my research with other equine-assisted programs/certifications, I could not find a research-based program for life skills with horses where I would not have to reinvent the wheel or be able to ensure results and not just happy, fuzzy moments. This course exceeded my expectations, and honestly believe the hype when people say they left feeling more empowered than when they began and reaped more than they expected. While Carolyn and Kari's infectious and powerful presence via social media was very attractive in making the (gulp) initial investment of purchasing the course, I was pleasantly surprised (maybe I'm just a tad too speculative or cynical) that their energy and positive intent was actually authentic and made the 5 days a real joy and inspiration to experience...
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Is the Live Virtual Training in structured times or whenever I can attend?

The webinar will run at the same time as an actual in person course. So you will be spending approximately six hours on the live webinar with us each day for five days. Make sure to be on time every day so you don’t miss out as these are not recorded to watch after.


Online Training ~ This is a course that you can learn at your pace with the same quality learning,  but you can do over 4-months or sooner if you wish. All the theory, along with test questions to ensure you are ready for the final test at the end of the course. Pre-recorded training and learning presentation for each section of the course. You can ask questions through-out your training as we are a comment away.


So am I certified after the Virtual Interactive Certification Course/Online Certification Course?

Almost! You still need to complete the hands-on training, but YES, you can start your business and get your business pack as well as get your online review course and access to the worldwide support group. You will have 12 months from the time you finish your course to complete your face to face 3-day training to get your tangible certificate.


Is the 3-day hands-on portion mandatory?

Yes. All facilitators must receive hands-on experience to ensure that they are moving forward in the right direction with understanding how to hit your objectives in all the programs and ensure that the horse is the teacher versus you. You will be certified after after your course, meaning you can run your programs and business. You will then have a maximum of 12-months (however we recommend as soon as possible) to complete your 3-day in-person training where you will receive your final certificate in person. *NOTE: Due to the ongoing pandemic, we can be flexible with this time period as we do not have full control over gatherings or travel. 

The hands-on portion is necessary is for a few reasons.
  • To TRULY UNDERSTAND when the horse is speaking.
  • To get you moving forward in your business and ensuring your facilitation is top-notch as soon as possible!
  • You will have forgotten a lot of the theory training if you don’t put it into practice in an appropriate amount of time.
  • It is all about experiential learning and you need to experience it as well.
  • You get the expertise of the Instructors and the hundreds of programs they have run over the years!
  • You will build your network with other facilitators.
  • And obviously, because it is awesome.


Does it cost more because there is three more days of training?

Nope! Not an extra penny! In fact, it will save you money in accommodations, food or any vehicle rentals for the hands-on portion as it’s only three days together versus the five-day in-person course! 


Do I have to attend a specific face to face 3-day training?

Nope, you can attend any of the face-to-face training at any location, whether it be one week after your initial online training or up to 12-months. A list of upcoming locations is located on our upcoming events on the website so you can choose the one that is the closest to you… or closest to warm weather.
 See upcoming locations


Is there a payment plan?

YES!  How it works is you pay 50% down and then have 5-months interest free to pay off the course balance. 


Computers and I don’t mix! How can I do this?

This still works for those who are NOT technologically savvy.

Don’t worry! We will give you step by step instructions on how to get on the Live Virtual Training and how to participate. We have selected a platform that is pretty much clicking, and you are in! If you choose the Online Training, it is a super easy platform to navigate through.


Can I practice at home with my horses?

You bet!! You will receive ‘how to practice’ tutorials videos after you’ve completed the training, for how to facilitate your objectives that are designed in the programs that you receive with your business package. PLUS, when do you step-ins to facilitate the objective with the horse teaching and calling you in when it’s time to do just that.


Can I have a copy of my certificate to get insurance?

Yes, you bet! We can give you a PDF of your certificate if needed for your insurance company.


What about time zones?

The course will start up at either 8 am (for Mountain Time and Australian Eastern Time) or 9am (for Eastern Time). We are running the course in three time zones currently; Mountain Time, Eastern Time and Australian Eastern Daylight Time. This way, everyone will be able to join! If you are in Atlantic time, no worries, you can join our Eastern Time course. In Pacific? Come on into the Mountain Time course. In the Southern Hemisphere? No worries, the Australian Eastern Standard Time can work for you!


Get the support!

Once you are completed your training you will be entered into our private ‘Workplace’ group to meet the international family of hundreds of facilitators who will help you and support you (along with your instructors) on the journey towards your dream career!
"The Equine Connection Horse Certification is more than a certification, it’s a turn key business well worth the cost of the investment!
Successfully passing other certifications left me with a feeling of accomplishment and a nice frameable certificate but that was it. This is the first certification course I have taken that actually gave me the answer to the “Now what?’ question I typically have after completing a course.The course provides invaluable information and the business pack you receive at the end of the course has everything you need to get going on your business.
The Equine Connection Team is supportive and available every step of the way.
~ Karen Franco