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Suzy Foresman
April 27, 2024

Equine Connection, Academy of Equine Assisted Learning is the focused program I needed to begin my equine business. They have provided me with the research-based curriculum that will help me to facilitate focused objectives to my clients. Once I began the program, I immediately knew I found my herd.

Kristen Harley
March 27, 2024

Equine Connection Academy of Equine Assisted Learning is the WHOLE package! From the online tutorials to the text you are provided detailed theory and skills to apply immediately to your own Horse life & relationships while you practice and prepare for your own EAL program. It's all there for you! And they don't leave you when it's done - you have the Equine Connection Community support forever! This program is uplifting, empowering and will change and enrichen your relationship with your horses. My horse Georgia and all her pasture mates say THANK YOU Equine Connection! The gratitude and lessons I've come away with by doing this program is worth so much more than words can describe, I love that I can now this offer this program to other people in my community.

Petra Ullrich
March 23, 2024

This is the utmost comprehensive, interesting and entertaining course I have ever taken. It changed my life! I thought I know tons about me and my horses ... I've learned so much more and through the amazing videos I feel like I've known Kari and Carolyn for ever! I am proud to be a life-changer and can't wait for the 3 day hands on!

Cherie Cressman
February 27, 2024

I am extremely pleased with this certification course and looking forward to the continuous positive experiences and results this course has to offer. The instructors are, friendly, helpful, and approachable. I have been a horse person all my life, and even so, this course has given me so much more awareness and understanding of the horse in relation/parallel to myself/humans. I'm looking forward to creating and living rewarding business adventures through the continued support of this amazing Academy. Thank you

Elaine Zeman
February 20, 2024

The EAL Program is a program that anyone can take and learn enough about themselves to make it worthwhile. The clients who take the courses will learn even more about themselves and how to incorporate those skills into their daily lives, enriching not only their lives, but the lives of those they interact with. The EAL Program not only encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone but also provides me with the resources and support to become more comfortable in those areas. My horses also have, and will continue to, benefit from the knowledge provided, by my being more in tune to their language and understanding their needs.

Sandra Graham
February 13, 2024

If you are looking to become a certified equine assisted learning facilitator, this is for you. Kari and the team at Equine Connection are the real deal. They are caring, knowledgeable, and believe so deeply in what they do that they (and everything they do) shine. They demonstrate that we need to slow down in life and really listen to the world around us. Equine Connection truly models the passion that upholds the dream of running a business through teaming with horses.

Tonya O'shaughnessy
February 11, 2024

The certification course was above and beyond all my expectations. Seriously, way above. The amount of support you get throughout the course and after completion is incredible. They really want you to succeed and it shows in everything they do. So much training in the course and setting up your business and beyond. The course also made me see my horses differently. I always knew how incredibly in tune with our emotions they are, but I noticed how much my body language says to my horses. I am using the tools I learned and my horses are definitely noticing the difference. If anyone is looking for a career in horses and helping people, but is worried about whether or not it will be successful, this is the course for you.

Shawn Paul
February 8, 2024

I just completed the EAL certification course and I have to say that it was the most comprehensive training I have been through in a long time. I walked away with a clear understanding of how to run an EAL program that has been proven by research to create transformation in people's lives. Everything is laid out and easy to follow. I have had my current herd for about a year, and after taking this course and working with them, we have connected on a much deeper level because I have learned so much about what they are saying to me. If I could give this program 10 stars, I would. If this is your passion, this is your program!

sara lavoie
February 5, 2024

This certification is lifechanging. Everyone is appreciated for being their authentic selves and the support given by Equine Connection is unheard of. If you have ever even thought of a carrier helping people through horses, this is your home!

Mary Jean Mulder
January 7, 2024

The certification course was amazing!! Having the opportunity for hands on learning with other people helped bring the online learning to a different level. Working with the horses and other people gave me a deeper understanding of how EAL can change lives. I understand so much more of how this certification can help me and others. A fantastic course!

Heidi Olson-Hilder
January 6, 2024

Hands down the best course I’ve ever taken.It’s at least a 4 year education on anything and everything you can imagine to start your own EAL business and all the support you need and you can do it at your own pace .Anyone can do this ,I highly recommend.

Amanda Malone
December 24, 2023

Equine Connections Facilitator Certification course goes above and beyond. Taking this course has helped me on so many levels. I have a deeper understanding and connection with my horses. My entire herd is more mellow and relaxed. I learnt skills to help navigate confrontation and set boundaries with my co-workers, peers,friends, family , in a way that strengthens relationships. If thats not enough I have a casual career helping people by sharing what I am most passionate about .... horses!! Ever so thankful I took the leap and took this course.

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