Karsyn Skuter Instructor, Facilitator & Social Media Guru

Certified Equine Assisting Learning Instructor/Certified Equine Assisted Facilitator


arsyn has had a passion for horses since a young age and appreciates the different personalities they possess and all that they teach. She works with the horses behind the scenes to make sure that they can contribute as much as they can, while still being respectful! Karsyn's love of horses also brought her to become a part of the Calgary Stampede Showriders!


After high school and spending some time working from behind a desk, Karsyn decided she needed to see the world and expand her horizons, taking a year to travel around Asia, Australia, and New Zealand - it is these travels that allowed her to see the cultural diversity throughout the world. Upon arriving back home she decided that the desk life was not for her and decided to go into the family business and become a certified EAL facilitator.

She has taken on the role of the Social Media Guru at Equine Connection as she is always on top of the trends. Taking courses, researching and creating an ongoing following makes her an amazing addition to the team, not to mention an impactful mentor to our facilitators.

Karsyn’s amazing sense of humour, dedicated love for horses, and her creative skills in social media make her a key part of the Equine Connection team.


  • Social Media
  • Funnel Marketing
  • Western riding
  • Horse training
  • Riding coach
  • Giving voices to all animals in the near vicinity - at all times
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