Keri Drennan Hands-On Training Instructor in Woodstock ON, CAN


My journey started as far back as 20 years ago, and halfway through my journey, I found my first horse, and my healing started coming together. As I noticed the change in myself I needed answers. And with these revelations, I began my journey of researching how I could help humans with horses, the same way they had helped me. Once I found the right fit, I immediately got certified and opened up Partners For Success.

I learned the skills to implement into my own life, something I’d been trying to do with my therapist for years. The opportunity to work with a horse and have instant results that I could apply to my life, allowed me to become more aware of my choices and how I truly felt about myself. And without a doubt, I saw results that reflected my choices and thoughts.

With every experience, I’ve had the results. And so have my clients. As a facilitator, I have seen clients work through the beautiful process with their horses and come up with authentic answers. Their choices and epiphanies are never short of amazing.

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