Carolyn Charles

Carolyn Charles Master Instructor & Facilitator/Director of Sales and Marketing

General Manager of the Spiritual Equine Connection Society, Leadership Development Facilitator, EAL Facilitator, Website Dabbler, and Social Media Master
Certified Equine Assisted Learning Instructor/Co-Creator of 'Outside of the Box Business Package'


Carolyn was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, and although her background lies in communications, her true passion lies in people. After attending the Public Relations program at Mt. Royal College, I began my career with the Calgary Police Service in the Public Affairs and Media Relations Unit and it was her positive attitude and sense of humour that allowed her to see the best in people - even in the worst of circumstances.

After a brief stint in graphic design and at a law firm, I found a home at the Strathmore Heritage Days in 2007, where I met Kari. It was there she learned about the importance of community and how it can be strengthened by coming together to celebrate history, culture and traditions.

She then moved onto the Equine Connection, where she has discovered the true magic of the horse - and being a city kid, it was something I had never understood before.

Her passion for horses grows every day as she sees the noticeable changes in the Equine Connection participants. Carolyn’s unique assortment of opportunities has allowed her to recognize and work with many different leadership and communication styles, which has enabled her to adapt to each client's specific needs.

Through her experiences, she realized there are three key components necessary to cultivate successful people. Knowledge, Skills and Experience. Something that can be applied to corporate teams, youth, adults, and at-risk or addictions groups alike. She has been with the Equine Connection since the beginning and whole heartedly believes that although this is never where she thought she would end up - this is exactly where she is meant to be. Helping people through the power of the horse.

She is also the General Manager of the Spiritual Equine Connection Society which provides youth, men, and women at-risk programs for people in the Equine Connection's arena.


  • Marketing/Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Website management
  • Communication techniques expert
  • Analyzing behavioral styles
  • A self professed computer geek
  • Well developed interpersonal skills, working with employees to assemble effective teams and accomplish tasks within the organization
  • Taking sarcasm to a new and lovable level
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