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PAYMENT PLAN COMMITMENT FORM between the Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc. 



I agree to make payments based on the plan outlined below to the Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc to take the 'Global Equine Assisted Learning Business Training™ (EABT™) Course' on the above mentioned date, from Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc. I understand that I am to have the course paid off within five months of my registration date.

I will repay the entire amount of the course, in a series of scheduled payments (listed below) over a five month period or less.

What will your payments be?

Total cost of course course $4997 plus 5% GST if applicable.

Deduct your downpayment from that amount.  

Then divide by five.

This will be your monthly payment.  

Your first payment will go through one month from your registration date. 

understand that if I do not pay off the balance of my course within five months, I will pay interest on the full amount of the course.

I agree that if I am unable to make a payment on the above dates, I will contact the Equine Connection - TheAcademy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc. If I miss a payment, if I am late or my payment is declined, I am aware there will be a $50 charge will automatically be added to my invoice.

I realize that I will NOT receive my official certificate or any supplemental materials until I have fully paid for my course and that there will be a $10 shipping charge to send out my certificate. 

We are securing an interim loan interest free for you to be able to take the course and rely on your integrity and commitment to paying for your course in full. I agree to give Equine Connection my government issued number to confirm my commitment to money owed. (Depending on your country you will have a government number: SIN, SSN, TFN or IRD). We work with MetCredit Collections Firm in the event that communication and payments are no longer being made.


By signing below you are confirming that all of the above information is true and that this is a legal and binding document.

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Signed by Kari Fulmek
Signed On: December 1, 2023

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