Tanya & Todd

Why do we do what we do?

Whether you believe it or not, horses talk to you all the time. More than you could ever imagine.

In this program, you are presented with many different obstacles. These obstacles are representations of our own lives and the different obstacles that we may be facing.

Tanya said, that this course has contributed to not only her learning for the business, but her own learning, as well. She explained how these obstacles in the course helped her to understand the different ways she can look at things such as communication, overcoming things and be able to learn all these different life skills and take them into so many different directions.

Todd was able to sum up the course in two words: life skills. He said, “the biggest thing [I] have learned through this last week was life skills. I have learned more about myself in this week than I have in years.”

Absolutely fantastic course and would we recommend it to others? HANDS DOWN.

And that, is why we do what we do.

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