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Thinking of adding a facilitator to your team?

Many of you have been asking about how they can get another team member on board. Well do we have a deal for you!

If you have a person in your life that you are wanting to certify but they do not need the support in Workplace or the Business Package we are offering a ONE-TIME ONLY DEAL!

Give a little get a little with your team member saving $500 off of their Certification Only No Business Package Certification PLUS you get $500 to spend in the EC Store!!! That’s $1000 in savings all together!

What they receive:

  • The Online Comprehensive Theory Component
  • In-Person Practical Training
  • Curriculum Pack
  • Lesson plans, Research-based exercises,
  • Professionally designed materials ready-to-print,
  • Instructions & handouts to go along with each exercise,
  • Supply list,
  • and so much more!

Let the learning journey begin to move you towards your destiny, purpose, and fulfillment of working with horses to help humans!

Practical Training
Get ready for an amazing journey with horses! You will be prepared to apply all the theory to your three-day In-Person Practical Training at one of the various locations where the magic happens with horses/exercises and receive your certificate OR complete the Practical Training from the comfort of your own home through tutorial videos and video submissions.

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What You Receive;

Another Facilitator to help you run your programs and $500 towards the EC Store (on all applicable items - no third party store items)

Choose from:


Anti-Bullying, Authentic You, Building Men, Family Herd


Over 100 Training videos and counting!  All of the Briefing, Set-Up and De-briefing for your curriculum plus business and sales!


For horsepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level. Get moving in record time!


Equine Connection is taking the 2025 Conference on the ROAD! Brownsville, Tx May 2 – 3, 2025!


Looking for something to add to your toolbox and spice up your existing curriculum? take a gander at all the fun and exciting exercises and choose what is perfect for you!


What if horses were given a choice? Would they let us ride them? Watch the Keynote Speaker presentation from Elsa Sinclair to find out what she has learned on her journey with horses.

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Get More Training!

Remember, you get training for life, so if you get another facilitator on your team, take the opportunity to come back for more training! You don't have to, but WHY WOULDN'T YOU?


We are doing this to help those of you who need another team member to move your business forward. But it is a ONE-TIME DEAL!


This offer is only open until MAY 31, 2024! Then it is gone!


No problem! They can upgrade to be able to be in Workplace and still get the team support!

Get Your Herd Member NOW

Start Today!

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