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The Pledge of the Equine Connection Certified Facilitator

I , as a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator through the Equine Connection BuildingBlock Certification Course, pledge that; 

  • I will make every effort to fully and completely respect the rights of those who participate in EAL activities directly under my control.
  • I will continue my EAL education and share my knowledge and information associated with my profession in an effort to positively represent and promote the equine-assisted learning profession.
  • Each calendar year, I will submit my mandated 40 hours in continuing education, and it’s up to me to remember to do so on or before December 15th. I understand that I am not required to submit my hours until NEXT December 15th - not the year of my certification.
  • I understand that the Equine Connection will NOT message, email, text or call me to remind me to submit hours. This information is in my business package and Workplace. 
  • It is my responsibility to check Workplace to stay informed about my mandated hours. 
  • Mandated hours ONLY include ground work with horses and running your EAL programs with paying or guinea pig clients.
  • I understand that volunteers are NOT to be in the arena or helping to facilitate programs.
  • I understand that as one facilitator, I can only work with two horses in my arena at a time.
  • I understand that my free training is through the Workplace platform.
  • I understand that I can re-attend a course only if I have maintained my certification qualifications.
  • I promise myself, my clients, and the horses I partner with to practice the art and science of equine-assisted learning in a friendly, competent, patient and compassionate manner with the utmost integrity. 
  • I will not deviate from the Foundations and Principals of the BuildingBlock Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Certification Course. I will always brief and debrief my programs.
  • I understand that EAL is NOT horsemanship or therapy.
  • I will NEVER bring stallions, green broke or unpredictable horses into my programs.
  • I will STAY CALM. If I escalate, my horses will as well.
  • I will always respect this course and adhere to the confidentiality agreement I have signed.
  • I will NEVER let negativity into my course.

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