Step Up & Step Into Being Your Own Boss! You will have victory with this certification course!

Working with horses to help people is one of the most exciting rides you’ll ever take! Dreams can come true with hard work and action. Our business package, business training, and proven equine-assisted learning method are all part of why this certification will get you to your dreams!

It's truly the blessed human who knows what they want to do in this world - as that is the human who never works a day in their life. Sometimes one knows immediately; sometimes, we grow into our passion for what fills our hearts and soul. What can bring us happiness and still allow us to make a living? There are a few precious humans that find their 'something', and it drives them!

If we have learned anything over the last few years, it is that we truly don't have control over the future. We must move ourselves to do what fills our world NOW. Step into the life you are meant to live and strive towards making the world a better place by connecting humans with horses - one person at a time! Life's too short to wait; step up today!

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“One day you will wake up and there won’t be and more time to do the things you’ve always wanted.
Do it now.”
-Paulo Coelho

As an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Our Roles Include;
  • Ensuring the safety of all horses and participants
  • Stepping in to guide the participants to understand what it is the horse is “saying” and understand how they can apply that learning to their own lives
  • Providing encouragement and support
  • Encouraging participants to think outside the box, take risks, or try on new roles
  • Resolving conflict
  • Empowering clients to find success!
Rich Learning Content for Your Certification Includes;
  • Essential knowledge: essential theories, concepts, models, and principles
  • Medial knowledge: complements and expands the essential knowledge
  • Optional knowledge: additional and special knowledge
  • Taught by Industry Pros
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Life-Changing Learning
  • Videos to Bring the Magic of the Teacher to Life!

October 2-5, 2023

Step One

You Need To Complete Preliminary Course Work Before You Travel To Your In-Person Course, With Theory, Concepts, Delivery Of Exercises, The Language Of The Teacher To This Certification Model 

Equine Connection


  • Theory - includes reading and watching videos and answering questions on the material.
    • Foundation and principles of equine assisted learning
    • The Formula - delivery of your exercises
    • Predictable Outcomes - how the exercises are designed with results
    • Appropriate Application - to prepare us for our clients
    • Facilitators job - facilitating vs teaching & understanding the horse as the teacher
  • Behaviour Modification
    • Using research on how humans learn
    • Creating opportunity for learning using the exercises
    • Communication assessment and understanding how to adjust your communication for your clients

Step Two

Attend the in-person, four-day training at the Equine Connection Headquarters Facility in Calgary, AB, to complete your certification!

Equine Connection The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning


  • Horse Culture, Language and Why the Horse
    • Horse Welfare: physically, socially and psychologically
    • How do we let the horse literally be the teacher and understand their language
    • Horses #1 requirement and how we, as facilitators, will work with them
  • What Is a Quality Lesson Horse?
    • Why the training never ends
    • Building your equine team
    • Maintenance program for your team
  • Managing the Energy
    • Define and Manage Conflict
    • Building your equine team Conflict and EAL
    • Behaviour Assessment in EAL Facilitation
    • Why Am I Having Problems?
  • Working with the training facilities’ horses to learn the magic of how your horses are the teachers.
  • Understanding of your curriculum programs, the form of delivery and how to appropriately direct your exercises, programs, and objectives to your target market.
  • Observe and facilitate a real client program.
  • Dig deeper into listening to the horses’ teaching and ensure you fully comprehend how the theoretical learning comes to life during a program and always equals a result.

Step Three

No recreating the wheel! THIS is what will start you out on the right foot! Your Specialty Equine Business with the 'Outside the Box Essential Business Package’© and training - Created by Equine Connection, includes everything you need to run your business and the formula for success to get your business moving right away. The pioneers of business training with horses.

Equine Connection


  • Business training along with practice tutorial videos to use at your convenience to practice with your own horses and use your curriculum exercises that come with your certification.
  • Starting a business is hard. Keeping it going is harder. Whether you've never been self-employed before or whether you are a veteran in your own business, this part of the training is key to helping you get to your success!
  • A Proven Curriculum and Form Of Delivery - Walk away with practical, step-by-step guides on how to run all your programs: Including lesson plans, activities, set up instruction for your outdoor or indoor arena, and materials needed.
    • How to make your investment back (ROI)
      • How to price out the programs
      • How to make your investment back
      • Government Tax Write-Off’s
    • How to get clients and retain them
      • Helping you figure out your target audiences
      • How to sell to your clients/organizations
      • How to build partnerships with organizations that you'll have for life!
    • How to run your equine assisted business with results
      • What you need to get started
      • Assessing your competition
      • Profit or Non-Profit?
      • Workshops & Collaborations
    • How to market your business to your community
      • Where to market
      • Professional marketing videos
      • What your community needs to know
    • All the do's and don'ts in this equine field!
      • Meeting, Networking & Preparation
      • Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Logo Design
      • Brand Development
      • And Sooooo Much More!

Step Four

Our support is second to none! Knowing that you have 24-7 availability to answer all of your ‘Now What?’ questions as they arise. The support goes on forever with this certification without additional costs, all from the comfort of your home. You will have unprecedented networking opportunities, be kept up to date with new findings, use of all materials, and continuous education in this industry. You belong to a community that has travelled the road ‘before you’ and ‘with you.’ Accessing these resources will keep you focused on your business to get you to your success. This is the course that keeps on giving! 

Equine Connection

Pick the best package for you and let the learning journey begin!


$6997 CAD 50% Down & a 5-Month Interest-Free Payment Plan
  • Business Pack & Certificate (Received upon completion of payment plan)
  • Lesson Plans, Curriculums, & Over 1000 Business Materials & How-To’s
  • Certified Course Training
  • 3-Day Hands-On or No-Travel Training
  • Intensive Horse Education
  • Lifetime Support
  • Governing Body (EAL Network) Listing & Membership
  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Curriculum & Theory Tutorials
  • Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Navigation Communication Training
  • World-Wide Facilitator Group Support
  • Pre-Work Course (VALUE $297)
  • Post-Work Course (VALUE $997)


$6997 CAD Investment
  • Everything from Pony Express
  • Instant Access to "Business With Horses 101: How To Set Up Your Equine Business” (VALUE $497)


$7997 CAD Investment
  • Everything from Thoroughbred
  • Digital Training Videos to use for your exercises & workshops (VALUE $649)
  • The Family Herd Package: (VALUE $797)
  • Authentic You Women's Workshop Package: (VALUE $997)
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IN-PERSON CERTIFICATION - The Pony Express (#2608)
$699.70 every month with 1 month free trial and a $3,498.50 sign-up fee
The Pony Express - 50% Down & 5-Month Payment Plan On The Balance
IN-PERSON CERTIFICATION - The Thoroughbred (#2607)
The Thoroughbred Incl. Everything From 'The Pony Express' PLUS Bonus Gift for Paying In Full
IN-PERSON CERTIFICATION - The Clydesdale (#2606)
The Clydesdale - The GIANT Package - Incl. ‘The Pony Express & The Thoroughbred’ PLUS so much more!

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Recurring totals
Subtotal $699.70 / month for 5 months
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Do you love horses and helping people?
Then THIS is your dream career!

Our certification includes in-person training to bring the magic of the horse teaching to real-life learning by understanding the horses' culture and language to facilitate and help your clients move forward with four outstanding options.
Our reputation is your guarantee!
Our Horse Certification Courses Have It All Including;

The pioneers of business training with horses. Includes everything you need to start & run your business NOW! 

The 'Instant Business Package’©

The pioneers of business training with horses. Includes everything you need to start & run your business NOW! 

A Proven Curriculum & Form Of Delivery

Buildable & applicable skills for your clients & practical, step-by-step guides for you! Includes lesson plans, activities, set up instruction for your outdoor or indoor arena, & materials needed. 

A Herd of

Come to a home, a family.. YOUR PEOPLE! Belong to a network of facilitators around the world already running their businesses & ready to support you day or night!

No Re-Creating The Wheel

Why waste time & money figuring out how to start your business when we have done the work for you! No need to reinvent the wheel, just go with our proven system to make your business roll!

Align With Integrity

We are proud to partner with Equine Guelph (Centre at the University of Guelph) to promote the welfare of the horse as well as trainers, specialists & vets to hold this certification to the highest of integrity.

Our Extensive Knowledge & Experience!

With over 30+ years of EAL experience & 60+ years of business & marketing experience, we have the credentials to help you get clients & contracts. 

A Global Certification

The certification that can go wherever you go! We have certified people from Canada to The USA to Australia all the way to Abu Dhabi!

Standards Of Excellence

There is a lot of shady sh!t that happens in the EAL world that are not safe - for humans or horses. Separate yourself from the “fly by night” certifications & align with a group with ethics & integrity. You can still run your business the way you want, but under a global standard of excellence & Code of Ethics for all facilitators, their horses & clients.

Your Horse... A Whole New Level

The teacher will provide guidance & insight on how to successfully facilitate sessions. 'Horses don't only show us what we must learn; they show us how to use that knowledge.' ~ Chris Irwin

Online Training
Support & Forever

No one becomes an expert in days, but you can become an expert with the right certification that assists you every step of the way. 24/7 there is help availible to move you and your career forward. No extra fees. We aren't successful until you are. 

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