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Our Model is Equine Assisted Learning

Our model is simple: Positively impact people’s lives through working through objectively driven programs while keeping the welfare of the horse at the base of all we do. We do all of this through Equine Assisted Learning.

Imagine Yourself Helping People Change Their Lives Through Unforgettable Learning From Horses. Equine Assisted Learning is a learner established educational, experiential program that is facilitated within a group format or one on one and focuses on ground activities rather than riding horses. More specifically, Equine Assisted Learning is a horse course with an effective solution to human development that promotes individual and group growth. People seeking the answers to their own lives with solutions to take the next step. Participants find themselves learning valuable life skills in these objectively driven exercises that are useful, strong, positive, educational, and creative. The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning's program highlights a curriculum program, includes 14 objectively driven exercises of facilitating life skills through positively augmented interaction with horses.

The horse's jobs are speaking to the clients through their bodies to help bring about the changes the customers need to make. Exercises are developed to encourage self-confidence through validated, hands-on experiences. The people are permitted to find answers to their own lives and move forward with newly acquired skills. Equine Assisted Learning functions, because the teachers are the horses!

We don't call for a clinical professional to run our programs/exercises. You don't need to become a therapist or counselor to conduct these objective-driven exercises that come with your course. It is a great addition for therapists, counselors and psychiatrists that are wanting to work with the horse to aid their customers in treatment and if you are that just add's a greater approach to help your clients advance in their own lives. We do know, however, that should you work with these magnificent animals, equine therapy exists.

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"No matter if I’m talking to a potential new client or I’m welcoming and new client into my program, I always talk about what a wonderful certification I have since 2016. I explained how after I was certified, Equine Connection stays in touch with me daily to keep me up to date and answer questions. I also have an entire community of fellow facilitators that are there to share ideas and support. When asked why I chose this certification, I honestly reply because they didn’t leave me the day I got certified. They have helped me build a business I never thought was possible. I make a living with my horses helping others! What else would you want?"
~Angela Cardenas

The people build skills while listening to what the horses tell them they need to say or do to move forward, not only in the program but in their lives. The people solve their problems because they have the answers inside - they just need help from the horse to find those solutions. Our horse course is not a bandage effect for humans; it's life-changing with proven results.

Albert Wight studied methods of education extensively and concluded a need for change from the traditional classroom and lecture format to an educational alternative called "participative method", which focuses on the experiential process of learning rather than the mere transmission of information. Experiential learning has recently been termed "the natural way of learning" and defined as the process by which the experience of the learner is reflected upon, from which new insights emerge.

We work with the originator and designer of this objectively driven Equine Assisted Learning curriculum who created all the exercises through research based on how human beings learn and how wild horses communicate, and then she brought these two research pieces together to create all of these objectively driven programs. Each exercise has an objective that is interlaced in the next program so that your participants keep learning and building stronger skills each week, hence, creating an armour of skills to take into the world and with a Certification that is proven to work. The sky is the limit where you can use your Certification in the world today! 

This program is Globally Certified and regulated through the Equine Assisted Learning Network.

Introducing an astounding way of changing lives through horses! Serving people that are striving to meet their destiny while working together with the horse and earn a living versus only dreaming about it.

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"Equine Assisted Learning Formula" is considerably different from any other equine guided program, and which is designed to produce consistent, desired and predictable outcomes when all 6 components of the formula are present.

The 6 Components:
  1. Establishing the foundation for understanding through a behaviour modifying module which includes self-evaluation, new skills learned, and specific behavioural choices as a result of increased self-awareness and personal accountability (relationship);
  2. Facilitating a curriculum; based on the theoretical foundations of behaviour modification;
  3. Incorporating the basic principles of operant conditioning, the program’s "Formula" becomes fully interactive, providing participants with an opportunity for engagement in experiential learning. Active participation paired with a positive response as it relates to a particular behaviour is observed to increase the occurrence of the learned behaviour over time (formula);
  4. Monitoring the horse’s response to the slightest change in the participant’s intention, emotion, and physical expression allows the facilitators to ‘read’ the participant when it may be otherwise impossible. In turn, the teaching strategies used by the facilitator can be adapted immediately to suit the participant’s responses. Working with the horse in this way provides a meaningful outcome for both the participant and facilitator (horse);
  5. Transferring observational cues related to the horse’s response from the facilitator to the participant builds skill in identifying and taking note of their intentions concerning the horse, altering their behaviours, and using these same techniques in their life beyond the confines of the arena. Through this experience, the participant develops a better understanding of the nature of the consequence for his or her actions (facilitation); and
  6. Evaluating the participant’s learning immediately following the arena experience builds personal accountability into the program. Accountability includes documentation of the arena experience and reflection of participant.

"Equine Connection and the training I received from Kari, Carolyn and the crew, has been the absolute missing piece to my life, purpose and career. The course exceeded my expectation on so many levels, and the on-going support has been first class and given me everything I have needed to start and grow my own EAL business from home"
~ Jess Keenan

"This is the most incredible Equine Certification I have ever taken because it is backed by research, objective based, and the follow up support each facilitator receives is ongoing, genuine, and invaluable." 

~Heather Russell

"This is the most absolutely hugely incredible Equine Assisted Learning Certification I've ever taken because of the research backing it, objectively driven, with guaranteed results, and mostly the on-going education & support." 
Rachael Dent Flynn
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DISCLAIMER: Participation in equine assisted learning activities and training programs carries a certain amount of risk, as horses, being a prey animal, can sometimes be unpredictable. Users of this information assume the risk of injury resulting from any of the advice given. Always seek professional advice and training if you have limited experience, or if your horse is showing signs of behavioural changes. This course is not a substitute to diagnose any condition (physical or mental) of the human, or of the horse. Your results will vary and depend on many factors... including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action.  
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