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The first course that people take when coming to the Equine Connection is the Orientation. It is a way for clients to familiarize themselves with the horses and how the horses will “speak” as their teachers. A group of women came into the program. Some fearful of the horses, others so excited they could barely …

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Carolyn’s Story

If you would have told me ten years ago that one day I would be working with horses facilitating life skills, I would have called you a liar. I’m a little different than most of the people that have done this course in the fact that I had no horse experience – and never really …

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authentic you

Susan’s Story

Every once in awhile we have a person who comes in who is simply petrified of horses! Susan was one of those few. We watched her face as her team was left with only one horse left to choose from, a hanoverian thoroughbred (a tall black horse) named Kokanee. Her eyes widened. Kari immediately read …

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What Was Your Experience in the EAL Certification Course? It was a life changing experience that left me empowered and excited about my future… Something that was lost upon my exit from the Armed Forces. It’s a beautiful feeling to have purpose again. – Aaron Anderson


Tanya & Todd

Why do we do what we do? Whether you believe it or not, horses talk to you all the time. More than you could ever imagine. In this program, you are presented with many different obstacles. These obstacles are representations of our own lives and the different obstacles that we may be facing. Tanya said, …

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Ricki & Jonah

Ricki and Jonah and realizing we have choice! Two young boys came to our program with no desire to participate or even give the program a try. Their facial expressions and attitudes were clear that they wanted nothing to do with the program or the horses. It is clear in life that having a bad …

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Gloria’s Story

An example of true change. 💖 🐴A little girl from one of our 8-week anti-bullying curriculums had come with 7 other youth from her school. All of the kids attending had been to the principal’s office several times with issues either from being a bully or from being bullied themselves. PLUS there was a considerable …

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Charlie’s Story

Charlie’s Story Our horses are the true superstars of this program. It’s important to always listen to what the horse is saying, as they are the tellers of truth, always honest, act instantly and live in the moment. This was evident when one of the youth who came to our facility, Charlie, worked with his …

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Sam’s Story

Sam’s Story “Never give up on someone with a mental illness. When “I” is replaced by “we,” illness becomes wellness.” -Shannon L. Alder. It is very important to ensure that those who feel this way, find comfort and happiness in something. Through the powerful teachings of the horse, it is possible. Sam had always faced …

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“Hold on to your butts…”

Hold onto your butts.” First of all, it should be said that Jurassic Park is my favourite movie, of all time, bar none. Why? It’s got everything. Relationship building, action, adventure, humour and it has freakin’ dinosaurs!  But I digress. One of the biggest takeaways from this movie, leadership-wise, is that we can too heavily …

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It’s ok to look after yourself

It’s okay to look after yourself To live an empowered life so you can empower others, you must simultaneously find or make the time to take care of yourself. By Kari Fulmek No matter how crazy your days and weeks get, you must find time to take care of yourself. This isn’t a platitude or …

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Use The Force Luke!

So far this leadership blog has been based solely on Finding Nemo quotes, which in itself is awesome.  But while on the computer dealing with a technical issue I suddenly realized that at that moment I was channeling my inner ‘Anger’, like from the movie Inside Out and I thought, it’s not just finding Nemo …

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