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Life Skills Programs

Unforgettable Learning! Preparing People To Take On The Challenges That Life Throws At Them.

Organizations like yours work hard to help their clients, students or patients to work towards reintegrating back into their lives outside the organizations. What does this take? Life skills! We work with you and your organizations to hit objectives that are parallel to yours.

Our horses are the MASTER teachers of life skills. They demand personal leadership and can teach your clients how to apply these skills to their lives. How does this work? Here is the formula:


This isn’t a loose canon. Through the Fundamental Principals and Formula of Delivery we can guarantee an outcome. The learning doesn’t just stay in the arena. All objectives are paralleled back to everyday life and help clients to gain the skills and the self esteem necessary to reintegrate back into the lives they were truly meant for.

PROGRAM BENEFITS provides insight into group dynamics enhances;
  • problem solving skills;
  • appreciation of other team members;
  • promotes patience while considering the needs and views of others;
  • empowers individuals builds confidence & self esteem;
  • challenges participants in a nonjudgmental way;
  • develops personal work ethics, responsibility & appropriate assertiveness;
  • appreciation for differences and diversity;
  • develops abilities to be smart risk takers and fair minded team players;
  • improves decision making skills;
  • provides opportunities to immediately practice new skills.

Women's Life Skills Programs   Youth Life Skills Programs

DISCLAIMER: Participation in equine assisted learning activities carries a certain amount of risk, as horses, being a prey animal, can sometimes be unpredictable. Users of this information assume the risk of injury resulting from any of the advice given. Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators are not licensed therapists, counsellors, or medical professionals. If you feel that you may need medical advice, please consult a qualified health care professional.