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Excuses 101: What’s Yours?

Are you one to constantly make excuses for yourself? Today they stop. They stop us from doing what we are called to do. In life, we come across many different situations, in which we often come up with excuses because of fear. One of the biggest excuses seems to revolve around this paper item called money. It is great to have because it allows us to do so much but at the end of the day, it is not going to make us happy, if it does not help us with our dream and what we are passionate about. Here at the Equine Connection, we want to help you through payment plans, where you put the deposit down, and then soon as your course ends, you have 12 months to finish off your payments. We do not want money to hold you back, we want everyone to have the opportunity to follow their passion and purpose. 

Excuse #2:

Do you think “I do not have a facility or horses and therefore, I cannot make this work?” Say no more! Kari started this business with none of that but was able to make it work through renting for the first two years and finding a way to make it happen. We have facilitators all over the world, who come with nothing. They are able to make it work. We provide ample opportunities for you to start this program and collaborate. There is no competition, we all are on the same team and want to help one another. 

Excuse #3:

Timing just isn’t right… Well, when is the timing ever right? Sometimes the stars do align, but the majority of the time, they do not. If this is your dream and you want to make it happen, it is going to be a challenge but you have to commit and follow through. We travel all around, you can make it happen because timing falls into place when we want it to happen. Do not let anyone tell you that your dream isn’t possible, because it is. The support and the backing of the facilitators that we have within Equine Connection is phenomenal. We are family. Everyone is willing and able to help each other out. 

Excuse #4:

“I can’t make money with horses.” You’re right, you may not be a millionaire by tomorrow but you are making a difference and in time, you will make money. If you are going into this for the money, you are not doing it for the right reason. But starting your own business comes with many perks like write-offs. Starting your own business, you can write many things off, which allows you to actually save money. Return on an investment piece, if you want to go headfirst into the business, it is so possible! If you want to work at it slowly, that will work too! It is all about where you are at in life and how you want to make this business happen. It is possible!

Excuse #5:

I do not know how to do business? We will tell you all about how to run a business. Day 5 of the training course is all about setting you up for success. This is not just like any other business training, we have paid the money to get to where we are today and building this package. If we sat back and did not give you all this information, we would not be setting you up for success. We want to share our successes with you. Without you being successful, we are not successful. The biggest bonus is, you’re able to do it at their pace and really cruise through your dream, the way you want to. The business piece is 3 years of work, every question is answered so you are not asking “now what?” We are here forever, even years down the road. We are always here for you and want to answer any questions you have and support you in any way you can! This is all available online so you can go back through it whenever you need to. Just remember this may feel uncomfortable or difficult to begin with, but if you are not out of your comfort zone, are you really learning?

If there is a will, there is a way! Today is the day to start.



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