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As a result of becoming certified with us, our clients leave with a life-changing ready made business, including exceptional tools you need to be successful, an empowered team to move you and your business forward, refreshed awareness and remarkable communication with your horses, and leave with soul altering confidence knowing that you are doing EXACTLY what you were meant to do in this life. If this sounds like everything you’ve ever wanted… your journey starts today!
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Soquili Sweetheart
December 27, 2022

Becoming a certified Equine Connections facilitator has done nothing but good things for me. It's given me the confidence and feeling of empowerment to begin my own EAL journey so more humans can discover the healing power of horses, all while being surrounded by a family of likeminded individuals who also have the same goal! Kari and Carolyn are always there for you to answer any questions or offer any help you may need! 5/5 easily! Thank you for all you do guys!

Garry Weis
December 19, 2022

I took the virtual certification course from Equine Connection, and it was truly amazing. There is so much information packed into this course, delivered by energetic facilitators that have a huge genuine passion for what they are doing. The course truly covers everything that you need to provide you with the opportunity to become successful in starting your own business. Researched and scientific evidence learning about how your horse communicates with you and the reason they are the best teachers, how to set up and facilitate the programs, and the most valuable aspect, is the support and business package that provides everything Kari and Carolyn have learned about building a successful business. I had checked out three different courses and chose this course because of the ongoing support that is provided to ensure that you can duplicate their success. Learning about a subject is one thing, learning to put it into practice is another thing, however, turning your dream or what you have learned into a successful business is the greatest challenge of all.

Jenn Stack
December 12, 2022

This program has been carefully and thoughtfully laid out. From start to finish its’ format is easy to understand and to replicate, to ensure a powerful learning opportunities for the clients. I love that the horse is teacher and not used as a tool in the learning. The facilitators and the community, have a strong support system after completing the course .

Jennifer Altieri
December 1, 2022

This course was everything i was looking for and more. Now I have the tools,knowledge and support to move my business forward with success. The process was enjoyable and it was easy to stay engaged. Kari and Carolyn are wonderful humans with so much wisdom and heart to share.

Ronda Walker
November 30, 2022

There is no one who is more invested in your success than the staff at Equine Connection. They go the extra mile to provide all the resources necessary to help you be successful in life and business. I was very skeptical when I first found them on the internet and saw everything that the program offered but they deliver on every aspect exceeding my expectations. I have not found a more comprehensive program that puts the welfare of the horse first, and provides life changing experiences for the participants. They truly care about each individual. Equine connection is your best resource if you are looking to begin a business in horses.

Tina Naples
October 17, 2022

It took me almost 2 years to finally choose which certification to take and to commit to the training. I chose Equine connections because of the lifetime support and education as well as all the business materials that comes with it. I took the live webinar and it was so wonderful to be able to connect with others across the country with the same dreams and aspirations. This course shifted the way I look at my horses and their behaviour completely. I am thrilled to be making my dreams come true changing lives with my horses.

Celina Cummins
October 8, 2022

Growing up I always knew I wanted to work with horses and help people. I never knew that this goal was going to be achievable until I contacted Equine Connection. Everything I read it was like they were speaking to me, they checked all my boxes with what I was searching for. Not many things in life come easy but with the information Equine Connection provides, their mode of delivery, commitment to success and continues support has allowed me to develop academically, personally and in my equine journey. My style of horsemanship and they way in which I work with my horse has become more balanced and natural. Like I said, this certification checks ALL boxes.

Darlene Illi
August 25, 2022

Amazing indepth course. I have worked with horses for 40 years and learned a new way to understand my horses and have a more positive outcome. The online at your own pace was easy to navigate and was very indebth. The three day in person certification far exceeded my expectations. I was not expecting so much support after completing the training as I set up my business. The training videos and business pack has everything I need.

Michele Sandifer
July 13, 2022

This course has been truly life changing- something I’ve needed in my life for far too many years. After taking the online portion, I was so ready to meet these amazing facilitators at the in person training and they did not disappoint once I did! They keep everything so professional but fun and entertaining and their methodologies on working with horses can’t be beat. This course has humbled me so much in working with my own horses and given me the proper perspective I need to be successful in starting my own EAL program.

Eila Riiska
June 27, 2022

The certification from Equine Connection has exceeded my expectations in so many ways! The constant support is truly outstanding. The amazing educational materials that you can revisit at any time and retake any part of the program to refresh your knowledge and enthusiasm. The focus on the wellbeing of the horse since it's the horses that make the magic happen for the humans. The supportive EC family to cheer me on at every turn. The science backed research in all of the programs so that I can deliver irrefutable results to every client! The business pack is so incredibly in-depth that I feel confident that I can run my own business even though I've never done it before! I will recommend Equine Connection to everyone I meet. Top notch in every way!!

Holly Watts
June 25, 2022

I have never been more excited about something in my life until I enrolled in the EAL Certification course! It has exceeded my expectations in many ways. There is a mountain of information provided to you. The teachers are always there to help in any way. The best part is learning about the horses and how they are always speaking to us and that they are very in tune with everyone. This course was so easy to navigate and I would highly recommend it to everyone who loves horses and wants to help people.

Kristy Byers
May 2, 2022

This has been the best thing I have ever done! As someone who is totally new to business, this course has it all! Soooo much support and the hands-on-training was truly amazing. I am now a confident and competent facilitator. Kari and Carolyn have thought of everything and more. I cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunity to genuinely deliver an impact on clients in such a meaningful way!

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