As a result of becoming certified with us, our clients leave with a life-changing ready made business, including exceptional tools you need to be successful, an empowered team to move you and your business forward, refreshed awareness and remarkable communication with your horses, and leave with soul altering confidence knowing that you are doing EXACTLY what you were meant to do in this life. If this sounds like everything you’ve ever wanted… your journey starts today!
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Elaine Zeman
February 20, 2024

The EAL Program is a program that anyone can take and learn enough about themselves to make it worthwhile. The clients who take the courses will learn even more about themselves and how to incorporate those skills into their daily lives, enriching not only their lives, but the lives of those they interact with. The EAL Program not only encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone but also provides me with the resources and support to become more comfortable in those areas. My horses also have, and will continue to, benefit from the knowledge provided, by my being more in tune to their language and understanding their needs.

Sandra Graham
February 13, 2024

If you are looking to become a certified equine assisted learning facilitator, this is for you. Kari and the team at Equine Connection are the real deal. They are caring, knowledgeable, and believe so deeply in what they do that they (and everything they do) shine. They demonstrate that we need to slow down in life and really listen to the world around us. Equine Connection truly models the passion that upholds the dream of running a business through teaming with horses.

Tonya O'shaughnessy
February 11, 2024

The certification course was above and beyond all my expectations. Seriously, way above. The amount of support you get throughout the course and after completion is incredible. They really want you to succeed and it shows in everything they do. So much training in the course and setting up your business and beyond. The course also made me see my horses differently. I always knew how incredibly in tune with our emotions they are, but I noticed how much my body language says to my horses. I am using the tools I learned and my horses are definitely noticing the difference. If anyone is looking for a career in horses and helping people, but is worried about whether or not it will be successful, this is the course for you.

Shawn Paul
February 8, 2024

I just completed the EAL certification course and I have to say that it was the most comprehensive training I have been through in a long time. I walked away with a clear understanding of how to run an EAL program that has been proven by research to create transformation in people's lives. Everything is laid out and easy to follow. I have had my current herd for about a year, and after taking this course and working with them, we have connected on a much deeper level because I have learned so much about what they are saying to me. If I could give this program 10 stars, I would. If this is your passion, this is your program!

sara lavoie
February 5, 2024

This organization will change your life in the best ways!

Mary Jean Mulder
January 7, 2024

The certification course was amazing!! Having the opportunity for hands on learning with other people helped bring the online learning to a different level. Working with the horses and other people gave me a deeper understanding of how EAL can change lives. I understand so much more of how this certification can help me and others. A fantastic course!

Heidi Olson-Hilder
January 6, 2024

Hands down the best course I’ve ever taken.It’s at least a 4 year education on anything and everything you can imagine to start your own EAL business and all the support you need and you can do it at your own pace .Anyone can do this ,I highly recommend.

Amanda Malone
December 24, 2023

Equine Connections Facilitator Certification course goes above and beyond. Taking this course has helped me on so many levels. I have a deeper understanding and connection with my horses. My entire herd is more mellow and relaxed. I learnt skills to help navigate confrontation and set boundaries with my co-workers, peers,friends, family , in a way that strengthens relationships. If thats not enough I have a casual career helping people by sharing what I am most passionate about .... horses!! Ever so thankful I took the leap and took this course.

Tamara-Jo Nadeau
December 18, 2023

Phenomenal education and team dynamics! Not only did these ladies help me learn how to create my dream career, they have a network where I am always able to share my struggles and gain insight, and celebrate the wins with such a great group. Nothing like being in business FOR myself, not BY myself.

Tracey Hoffrichter
November 19, 2023

Amazing program with excellent training and support.

Carla Van der Hoeven
November 17, 2023

This course has been absolutely life changed! I'm so glad I made the leap and joined this incredible team of people! The course is very informative, interesting and easy to follow. Everyone on the course is very supportive, quick to answer questions and always happy to help! I would highly recommend this course if you're thinking of changing you career, want to help people and love horses!

Gym Assist
November 15, 2023

Where to start. I have just completed my hands on training with Equine Connection in Sydney & it completely exceeded all my expectations. The training was so thorough it left no questions unanswered. The instructors Jane & Alice were professional but also approachable and made our entire class feel comfortable & welcome. Not only do you become a qualified EAL facilitator but you get all of your business packs so your business is simply ready to go. Even before the hands on training the online training was really indepth and delivered in a methodical easy to understand way. Could not ask for more. Thanks EC

Certification Course What do facilitators have to say about it?

Heidi McGowan

I have been wanting to do this Course for a couple of years now ,but the timing always seemed tricky, Then Covid struck and Globally we've all had time to slow down and reflect on whats really important in our lives and change and adapt to these challenging times. Covid has had a huge affect on so many lives but its also had the positive affect of showing us opportunities to find a 'New Normal'. Equine Connections have done an Outstanding job of adjusting their amazing Business to the restraints imposed by lockdown, surging forward with their endless Passion for People and Horses - You're all so Inspiring and I Love, Love ???? Your Energy and Off the Wall sense of Humour You Ladies ROCK!

Thank you for Welcoming and Sharing Your Amazing Life Changing Course with myself and so many others so we can all collectively help Change Lives though our Beautiful Teachers.

Johanna Frieberg

I'm so happy I have joined the Online program! I've been doing a lot of courses within horse assisted interaction and been studying this topic for more than a year, and so far this is absolutely the best! It just feels like ME. I am so happy, exited and can't wait until I can go on with next piece of education! This is fantastic and you are sooo professional. I love your videos! I was a little afraid that I might not follow the language but with the videos I can listen one more time and work with Google translate so it works fine. A bonus is of course that I have noticed that my English is improving pretty fast! THANK YOU!

Karen Marley

I chose this program based on reputation and I can honestly say that Kari and Carolyn did not disappoint! Their enthusiasm is contagious, and more importantly, it is genuine. Their professionalism is unparalleled. I completed the course about a month ago and I am still blown away every day by the level of continuing support - not only from the amazing founders, but by the entire network of professionals who have traveled the road before me or with me. It was a big leap of faith, but I’m glad I took it!

Ali Cho

To much happiness and relief, I realized after day two of taking this certification course that Equine Connection was precisely the objective-based, social-emotional ground work curriculum that I had been looking for for over 5 years. Even after all my research with other equine-assisted programs/certifications, I could not find a research-based program for life skills with horses where I would not have to reinvent the wheel or be able to ensure results and not just happy, fuzzy moments. This course exceeded my expectations, and honestly believe the hype when people say they left feeling more empowered than when they began and reaped more than they expected. While Carolyn and Kari's infectious and powerful presence via social media was very attractive in making the (gulp) initial investment of purchasing the course, I was pleasantly surprised (maybe I'm just a tad too speculative or cynical) that their energy and positive intent was actually authentic and made the 5 days a real joy and inspiration to experience. I immensely appreciated that I could ask Carolyn as many questions as possible pre-committing, when I was committed to a training date, and post-training! Yes, I ask a lot of questions. Also, it was very helpful and reassuring when Kari shared the contact information for Equine connection facilitators in my area so that I could not only speak to the people behind the program but also the people (more in my shoes) who went through the program. It took me 3 years to take the plunge, and my only regret is that I did not do this sooner. The program guides, the training videos, the overwhelming support from Equine connection and other facilitators, the business day and all the helpful tips (which is an area that I'm challenged in), and this exciting new career change that allows our horses to be the teachers and empower and inform others into wellness were all well worth it and I would do it again in a heart beat.

Sandi Baigent

The course is life changing! The extensive content and information provided during our training is absolutely astounding and allows you to hit the ground running! No reinventing the wheel and a very clear road map to your success!

Jenny WO

​I have followed Equine Connection and their services for a few years. The information and programs they offer so many life changing programs. I love their emphasis on the welfare of the horse.

Gina Bowler

Loving horses & helping people improve their lives with incredible lasting results alongside working with horses is what Equine Connection is all about. They say and they mean it ...I highly recommend them.They work, facilitate and are such an incredible team with a fantastic effective drive along with a passion for what they do. Their work ethics are above the standard they go the second mile and want all to succeed and walk with you to do such !!! Their enthusiasm along with their professionalism is absolutely most contagious which is so encouraging and fun

"Since being a Certified EAL facilitator through Equine Connection has brought us to a place of fulfillment knowing that we are part of their team in successfully growing developing others and helping our communities.

Carla Deering

Becoming a Certified EAL Facilitator at Equine Connection is the absolute best decision I have made. The whole team is so down to earth and so knowledgeable. The best part is they share everything with you, You are not left wondering how to proceed with your business. Thank you so much for all the hard work and compassion for humans and horses.

Cheryl Myers

This has been such an amazing journey, not realizing what I had in my backyard until I came across article on Equine Connection. With a herd of 5 horses they also have purpose to help. I had closed down my RV business after 30 years after my brother & partner passed away with cancer, was lost not sure where my life was headed. I have now found myself. How wonderful it is to have a new family and purpose. Thank You to Kari, Carolyn and Karsyn for all you do not sure how to do the 5 stars but you have them.

Michelle Mulholland

Equine Connection/The Academy have been absolutely incredible from day one when I decided to take the plunge and book myself into one of the Ontario certification courses (after watching and learning about the course and Equine Connection for 4+ years). From personally helping me get prepared for the course, to the post-course support community, everything has been professional, comprehensible, and amazingly caring and personal. There are many courses out there for Equine Assisted Learning, but Equine Connection provides an all-encompassing package that is worth the time, money, energy put into it. The business package helps IMMENSELY! And is quite unique for the industry. Holding both an Anthropological degree and a diploma in Equine Studies, I can say that this course and career truly checks all the boxes for my dream life! Thank you Kari, Carolyn, and the rest of the Equine Connection team!

Trish Pitzel

I waited a long time before taking the course as I have been looking around for a while at different options. This course is worth the money in the business package alone. Equine connection blends education, research and horsemanship - Equine Assisted Learning is the result. This is experiential learning at its best. Great course for teachers who want to offer more to students in a different setting other than the classroom.

Mary Anderson

AMAZING! AWESOME! LIFE CHANGING! MIND-BLOWING!..... these are only a few words that I can use to describe Equine Connection and the lovely ladies that have worked tirelessly to offer it to us! Going into this course, I had researched several different options and I found that the Equine Connection Certification to be superior in both their content offered as well as the accompanying
business package provided in the course. I had expected it to be a great program given all of the stellar reviews that I had read prior to signing up and was most looking forward to the business package. What I did not expect was the life-changing 5 days that have completely blown my mind.

This course is worth every penny and then some….. I almost feel like I underpaid! I cannot express how much these last 5 days has meant to me and I am over the moon excited about the renewed sense of purpose I have woken up with every morning since completely my certification!

Barb Cushing

I reviewed every program available and felt that EC was the best out there. Well, I was not
disappointed - they are passionate, thorough and love EAL. If you want to attend a certification course that is complete with a business pack and offers a tremendous amount of support afterwards (no one left behind or on their own), then EC is a must. Kari, Karsyn and Carolyn are so authentic. Their techniques and Building Block curriculum is second to none. This was a great experience for me and I'd do it all over again. Thanks Ladies!

Leslie Tee

I waited 2 years to finally take the plunge--it was worth the wait, worth my time, and hands down, worth the money. I researched every option I could find for training in this field and walked away knowing I made the right choice with Equine Connection! From day one of the five-day course, our instructors kept our attention, made us think and provided invaluable learning, both inside the classroom and inside the arena. I came home to my horses with a refreshed awareness of their subtle communication and a renewed appreciation for their role in my life. I look forward to starting my business and feel secure in the knowledge that I will never be alone on this journey!

Dayna Wisdom-Schluter

I recently attended a certification course in Texas. While I thought I knew what to expect, I was absolutely blown away!!! Teaching was my LIFE for 12 years. Kari, Carolyn, and Karsyn have put together an excellent course. They pushed us out of our comfort zone and allowed us to learn. They provided encouragement and always kept everything positive. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't easy, but nothing worth having is ever easy. The icing on the cake is the business pack and resources provided at the end of the course!!! SO GENEROUS!!! These ladies do business the way business should be done and treat people the way they should be treated. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity. Personally, it helped me learn to keep moving forward, face my fears, get out of my head, and to stop living to please others. I highly recommend the certification course or any other course offered through Equine Connection.

After Course Training What happens once you're certified?

Jess Keenan

When I invested in Equine Connection's Certification Course, I attended the initial intensive training which exceeded my expectations. But what I didn't realize was how comprehensive the support was AFTER I had received my certification! We are supported for life, and one of the keys to my continuing growth as a business owner and facilitator is the Online Continued Learning Platform. I don't have to spend any money going back for more training, I do it all from the comfort of home in my own time. Combining that with the timeless support has made this process unbelievably amazing.

Krista Hill

It doesn’t get any better than this! These ladies are absolutely amazing. I don’t think you could ask for anything better when it comes to after care. Equine Connection has been nothing but helpful in everything they do. From the 5 days practical course to the online course portion, the business package, ongoing training and of course the beauty of workplace. It has everything you need to get your business going and provides support in every way possible. If you access the resources available It’s pretty hard to lose focus. I can’t be any happier to have this EC family to mentor me through this journey.

Vicki Mayne

I love that part of our EAL certification is our ongoing access to learning and development through the Academy of EAL Continued Learning platform. Being self-paced it allows you to go over those key areas you feel that you need to revise when you need it.

Sherri Phibbs

A certification program that grows with you and your business rather than a here's the material, now sink or swim. Such a unique and practical concept to help you succeed. Gotta love it!

Tracy Wood

The choice to attend Equine Connection has been one of the best decisions I have made! Choosing a new career path can be daunting but the training and support I have received since my certification in 2014 have been amazing! The ability to revisit course material, training videos and to connect with the ladies has been invaluable and a big part of my business moving forward!

Kim Richardson

I absolutely love the aftercare and training we receive after taking the 5-day course from Equine Connection! It is so reassuring that you are not left out in the big wide world alone! The extra care and training not only leave you feeling confident about pursuing your new and exciting business but it is also very motivational! Kari, Carolyn and Karsyn thank you so much for all the extra love you give your team! Best family EVER!!

Miranda Sunderland

Equine Connection has it all! Not only do they have a mind-blowing 5 days of Facilitator training they have set up an amazing course that is an amazing refresher to complete after your training. This course helps to reiterate all the information from the week of training but sets you up to get to know the programs you will run better and more in-depth. It is a fantastic go at your own pace course that depends your understanding of the Building Block Program of Equine Assisted Learning!

Joyce Thomas

The online learning is a fantastic way to keep your mind refreshed. After 5 days of the certification which was deep hard core , mind-blowing information to take in on a short time I have found having the online learning a very resourceful tool to have. We can always go back just to give us that quick refresher on things we may have forgotten or need to brush up on. The 5 days instructional day is great but I am glad to have the online course to bring it all back into prospective on a slower level.

Anna van Tunen

I'm so thrilled I invested in myself with Equine Connection. Not only did it change my own outlook on life but now I get to help others with my horses! The ongoing, online learning after the 5-day intensive is amazing. The support and backup I get from the EC team and family is incredible. The learning, support, and encouragement never stops! Equine Connection truly says what they mean and mean what they say! I have never felt so supported anywhere, at any time. There is no room for failure here!

Tami Brand

To me, this is the course that keeps on giving!!! There are so many facets to this certification that is really not comparable to other courses. The way you can review materials. Connect with everyone. Check things when you have a question. Get answers. It’s fabulous. And it helps move you forward in your business! Thanks for all the extras you do to help individuals and the team as a whole!!! You guys are awesome!

Flo Braconnier

I graduated from the program in 2017 and I will tell you it was an intense week of learning: theory, processes, marketing, hands-on sessions with real participants, Horsemanship, business...phew! No way I could remember all this once home but they thought of EVERYTHING! When you get home you get to review all the concepts, review the whole course at your own leisure whenever FOREVER!!! They even have videos you can purchase of all the sessions so you can review each of them before you facilitate! What does this mean? That means that you can spend more time actually learning, listening and participating during your certification week rather than taking pages and pages of notes!!! That’s not all... if you still need clarification; they are available all the time so are all the other graduates. It can’t get any better than that!!!

Ongoing Support What about in one year, five years or ten years?

Rachael Dent Flynn

Getting certified changed my life in real-time and continues to push me to grow individually so I can lead by example. These ladies don’t hand you a piece of paper and say good luck they are with you every single step of the way all your ups, downs, tough and down right hard moments. No other certification I’ve ever gotten has provided any support continuously afterwards! I was certified in 2015 and I’m still to this day receiving support to become the trailblazer in my area! I would not be here with out this platform of people!

Laura Schwager

Equine Connection is an excellent course that provides future facilitators with intense study, copious resources and business materials, and endless support and lifelong learning. I am so excited to be a part of this team!

Jess Keenan

Equine Connection and the training I received from Kari, Carolyn and the crew, has been the absolute missing piece to my life, purpose and career. The course exceeded my expectations on so many levels, and the on-going support has been first class and given me everything I have needed to start and grow my own EAL business from home. Thank you Equine Connection!

Beverly Benson

Kari, Carolyn, and Karsyn I want to say THANK YOU for never, ever giving up on me, even when it takes longer than I want for me to get the nerve to move forward. The review training you guys put forward is a constant reminder of how important this training can be for my future and how powerful it is for all the people who experience it. I LOVE Equine Connection and have sent several people to the website. Hopefully, they take the training too.

Karen Downie

Getting certified is great but in my opinion all of the “aftercare” is equally if not more important. There is so much info covered in the course but until you really start applying your knowledge and conducting programs do you really discover what and where you need help. I am met so many wonderful people thru the workplace platform and feel it is a great platform to stay connected for business ideas, knowledge, tips and most importantly the support you get from everyone. I have no idea how people could do EAL successfully without if. I could not be happier I chose Equine Connection, I so appreciate all that they have done and continue to do to be leaders in this field and support us!

Vicki Mayne

Becoming a certified EAL Facilitator has been life-changing for me, for my horses and most importantly for my family. Equine Connection provides an amazing & informative facilitation program that is backed up with research, business tools and information to help launch & grow your EAL business. I love that I am a member of a supportive global network of facilitators that have become like family to me.

Angela Cardenas

No matter if I’m talking to a potential new client or I’m welcoming and new client into my program, I always talk about what a wonderful certification I have. I explain how after I was certified, Equine Connection stays in touch with me daily to keep me up to date and answer questions. I also have an entire community of fellow facilitators that are there to share ideas and support. When asked why I chose this certification, I honestly reply because they didn’t leave me the day I got certified. They have helped me build a business I never thought was possible. I make a living with my horses helping others! What else would you want?

Karen Ostenried

These ladies have only you to serve, facilitate and empower. Their programs are so well created and the fact that the horses are the teachers means the message is without agenda or malice and much easier to take. The certification course was just as amazing and their support afterwards way above exceptional.

Tanya McNeice

No more learn it and leave it! Amazing... I’ve taken courses in the past that give great info & opportunity but have no after care or support. The extra sessions offered by Equine Connection to the facilitators is incredible as it not only continues to grow your tactical skills (marketing, social media, articulation of what we do, etc) but gives us a sense of community, recommendations, support, guidance... if we, as trained facilitators, choose to be part of it, the EC team will continually offer training and support and motivation to KEEP GOING!! Thank you to the EC team and ALL of the facilitators that make living this dream possible!

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