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The Certification Course
With The Out Of The Box Instant Business Package©
The Investment That Keeps On Giving!

Enhance Your Life By Doing What You LOVE and LIVING your purpose!

Think about this: where else, after you’ve trained in a degree, certification or trade, do you continually get to come back for help and training? How will your certification help you get to where you want to be in your career?


Do your research. You want to make sure you are signing up for the course that is right for you and going to get you where you want to be. Not only now, but in 5, 10 or even 15 years down the line. We want to help you make a living doing what you love with horses in this life-changing career!


Worth the Difference - No recreating the wheel, no stone unturned, outside the box business package, and a life time of support! 

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Do you ever get the feeling that a decision, no matter how small it may seem at first could change your life forever? Well launching your new equine business definitely falls into this category and it can feel pretty special.

We’re doing what most people only dream about--making their mark on society by founding new companies such as yourself to help humans by working with horses in a completely different way.

This certification is worth so much more than its price tag! You don't want to just go through the motions of running your own business. You need more than that! That is why we provide everything you'll ever need in our one-stop certification program - included are resources like instructional videos, lesson plans and exercises with supporting materials, in essence, a business in a box!

Our Course is a cutting-edge, internationally recognized program to help train individuals in horse assisted learning so they may find fulfilling careers doing what brings meaning or purpose into our lives through this powerful course. Start your new business with confidence!

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The Only Horse Certification Course With The "Outside-The-Box Business Package"

Instant Business Pack - Ready To Move Forward Immediately

“I can't imagine there being a more comprehensive package in existence for EAL certification and business development. The business pack is overflowing with useful, clear, step by step information and the support is always there. It saves you having to figure everything out from scratch. With this pack, I believe the only thing that could stand in the way of your success is your belief in yourself.”


Go farther than you thought possible! Start off your career with everything already completed for you. No reinventing the wheel. This Instant Out of the Box ‘Essential Business Pack' contains professionally designed program materials, lesson plans, research-based exercises, tutorials, researching marketing and business plans, textbooks, supply lists, guides with step-by-step action plans, business setup instructions, classroom preparations, horse knowledge, pricing, retaining clients, ROI, write-offs for your business, videos to use, pictures to use, PowerPoints, website building tutorials and content help and so much more! PLUS it is continually updates as we create more!


It doesn’t matter if you a not-for-profit, sole proprietor, or a for-profit business owner - or you aren’t even sure yet which one you will be yet - the Essential Business Pack is your one-way ticket to success!


The Learning Journey - The Steps To Success!

This certification course is broken up into two sections, online theoretical learning and practical training. Allowing all learning styles to benefit from the fun, inspiring and educational learning environment to ensure the learning has truly sunk in!


Your instructors are at the top of their field and will ensure you master the fundamentals of this certification, all while keeping the welfare of the horse first.


Through the practical training you will experience first hand that this certification isn’t just a life-changing experience for your clients, but also for you! As you discover how your horses will truly teach, see clients gain insight into their lives and apply their learning and fill your bucket with every program you run, you will also gain a deeper insight into your own gifts and talents. 


And on top of all this, the course also has a Business Training Day component to ensure you know how to market, sell and retain clients as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator!


“I would never have dreamed of taking on the challenge of my own business, however the comprehensive, relevant and practical business package provided as part of the course gave me the ability & confidence to do it!”

Horse Certification Course | Equine Connection | Horse Business

Practice Tutorial Videos - Help Solidify Your Learning And See It In Action!

Need to see what the programs actually look like, how they are facilitated, how to read the horse? We have included tutorial videos of the programs for you to watch so you can easily start running your own programs! All videos were recorded in real-time to show you how to run each exercise by watching the horse for our step-ins and how to facilitate the process.


The tutorial videos that you receive will give you the knowledge you need with your horses before your in-person training. 


Tutorial videos will help you understand the flow of how an exercise works, hear facilitation step-ins when the horse teaches, the clients' responses and get a profound understanding of the theory while putting in the actual experiential learning component of the certification.

Horse Certification Course | Equine Connection | Horse Business

Model: Partnering With Horses - Work With Them, Don't Use Them

Taking care of the welfare of the horses is paramount to the success of our certification and is what truly separates us from other Equine Assisted programs out there. Giving horses a meaningful and purpose-filled job allows them to be the teachers they were destined to be, to bring joy, help, heal, and provide answers for humans! A horse can only think, act and react like a horse and it is imperative that we truly understand THEIR language to properly facilitate these programs.


Using horses is no way to get results, but rather working with horses as the teachers and understanding what they are saying is how to instil long-lasting learning that is compelling for your clients and safe for your horses. It's about learning the horse's language versus expecting him to understand and adhere to yours. We must thoroughly know how the horse communicates in every way. The welfare of the horse is paramount! We are proud to be partnering with Equine Guelph, the horse owner’s Centre at the University of Guelph to promote the welfare of the horse in this well-established certification.

Horse Certification Course | Equine Connection | Horse Business

In-Person Training OR No Travel Training - Dynamic Exercises With The Horses Teaching

In-person training is where the magic happens! When the horse becomes the teacher and you facilitate your objectively driven curriculum programs by what the horse tells you. The key is the experiential learning so you retain your learning to help all your clients who will be going through the same exercises and understanding how to tie all the learning from the arena time to life!


Can’t travel? You can still receive the benefits of experiential learning, but with your horses and working with us in our 'No Travel Training' option too.

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Support, Training And Aftercare - Essential For A Safe And Productive Learning Environment For All

Our support is second to none! Knowing that you have 24-hour availability to answer all of your ‘Now What?’ questions as they arise. The support goes on forever with this certification without additional costs, all from the comfort of your home. With unprecedented networking opportunities, keeping you up to date with new findings, materials you can use, and your education in this industry is continuous. Once you are completed your training you will be entered into our private 'Workplace' group to meet the international family of hundreds of facilitators who will help you and support you (along with your instructors) on the journey towards your dream career!


You belong to a community that has travelled the road ‘before you’ and ‘with you.’ Accessing these resources will keep you focused on your business to get you to your success. This is the course that keeps on giving!


Getting certified is the first step, but “aftercare” is equally, if not more, important. So much information is covered during the course, but you won’t discover what and where you need help until you start applying your knowledge and conducting programs. That’s where our aftercare comes in! To make sure that you aren’t left hanging or on your own! Knowing that you are always a part of an amazing team and being a part of the best family ever will give you continuous motivation for SUCCESS! PRICELESS!

it is true that don’t avoid looking at any equine. You wouldn’t pick a hamster or something out of the Equine field. I agree that “animal” in the textbook is mildly confusing, as it is still referring to horses/equines as a whole

Our company is taking the lead in advancing humanity. We're focused on helping people with specific needs through tailored workshops that propel businesses to new heights. Whether it's families, youth, women or men we've got you covered--The Family Herd for families, The Famous Anti-Bullying Program (as seen on Disney’s & The Family Channel)for kids; Authentic You Women’s Workshop and Building Men workshop for ladies and gents respectively...and of course there's plenty more! Step into tomorrow today with us - your business dreams are just a click away!

it is true that don’t avoid looking at any equine. You wouldn’t pick a hamster or something out of the Equine field. I agree that “animal” in the textbook is mildly confusing, as it is still referring to horses/equines as a whole

French Curriculum of Exercises

Yep, that is correct!! An additional ‘bonus’ for those of you who would like the translated exercises! You will receive these ON TOP of your business pack. This includes the exercises, flip-charts, station cards, and achievement words. All of your other items located in the ‘Business Pack’ are all in English, as they are just for you in your business, but your clients will love being able to go through these life-changing programs in their language. 


We help you go from dreaming to doing; our reputation is your guarantee! Living your passion, fulfilling your purpose, and embarking on a career with horses is truly priceless.

Australia / New Zealand

We help you go from dreaming to doing; our reputation is your guarantee! Living your passion, fulfilling your purpose, and embarking on a career with horses is truly priceless.

Usa / International

We help you go from dreaming to doing; our reputation is your guarantee! Living your passion, fulfilling your purpose, and embarking on a career with horses is truly priceless.

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Learn To Empower People Through Objectively Driven Skill Development Programs.

  • How to bring about behavioural change through facilitating the exercises and the horses 'speaking'
  • Understanding the Six Components to the course that allows for predictable and achievable outcomes
  • How to empower individuals to become the leader of their own lives
  • Giving participants the skills necessary to better prepare themselves to take on the challenges that life throws at them
  • To find opportunity in working with others and building genuine relationships
  • Learn how to facilitate a group through effectively communicating as they turn problems into opportunities
  • Learn how to recognize the individual participant as an asset to their group; learn how to guide individuals through the process of thinking together, resolve conflict together, maintaining accountability together and inspiring each other to do their best
  • Learn how to let the horses do their horse job and truly listen to their teaching

"AMAZING! AWESOME! LIFE CHANGING! MIND-BLOWING!..... these are only a few words that I can use to describe Equine Connection and the lovely ladies that have worked tirelessly to offer it to us! Going into this course, I had researched several different options and I found that the Equine Connection Certification to be superior in both their content offered as well as the accompanying business package provided in the course. I had expected it to be a great program given all of the stellar reviews that I had read prior to signing up and was most looking forward to the business package. What I did not expect was it was life-changing and has completely blown my mind.

This course is worth every penny and then some….. I almost feel like I underpaid! I cannot express how much this training has meant to me and I am over the moon excited about the renewed sense of purpose I have woken up with every morning since completing my certification!"     

~Mary Anderson

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