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Tami Mahoney became certified with the Equine Connection to be able to use programs that would help people move forward in their lives with tools by partnering with horses.

Horse-facilitated life skills programs have unveiled a multitude of benefits that have the power to transform lives. Through these programs, individuals are able to tap into the unique connection and sensitivity of horses, resulting in profound healing and personal growth. One of the key advantages of horse-assisted learning is its effectiveness in various populations, including those who have experienced trauma or struggle with mental health issues.

Certification in Equine Assisted Learning and business training in the equine industry is crucial in order to facilitate these transformative programs. These certification courses provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively and ethically conduct horse-assisted learning sessions. With this certification, professionals can ensure that they are equipped to provide the highest quality of care and support to their clients.

The benefits of Equine Connection’s equine assisted learning  programs are far-reaching. Participants have reported improvements in communication, self-awareness, emotional regulation, problem-solving, and overall well-being. The immediate and honest feedback provided by horses allows individuals to gain valuable insights into their own behaviour and thought patterns, facilitating personal growth and self-improvement.

By obtaining a certification at the Equine Connection, professionals can contribute to the widespread adoption of horse-assisted learning programs. With more certified professionals in the field, access to these life-changing programs can be increased, ensuring that more individuals have the opportunity to experience the transformative benefits of the horse teaching solid skills to use in their life. Together, we can make a difference and unveil the incredible benefits that horses offer in therapeutic settings.

Featuring Tami Mahoney & Erin Eacrett from Stablestone Equine Leadership based out of Dry Gulch, BC. FOR THE HORSE is a series following stories of the horse human bond. Created by: Freeherd Visuals Music by: Au. Ra- "Grand Slam" Chris Haugen- "Tupelo Train" The Mini Vandels- "Perrywinkle" ELPHNT- "Oceans, Rivers, Canyons"



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