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Welcome to Our Podcast!

Hi! This is Kari and Carolyn here from the Equine Connection. Welcome to our Podcast -Changing Lives, With A Horse (Of Course)!


After running these courses since 2009, we decided that is is our job to spread the word about how horses can help people and how we, in turn, can help horses too! 


Tune in to find out a ton of information about horses, how they can change peoples lives, personal wellness and hear from loads of wonderful guest speakers. Not to mention learning more about Equine Assisted Learning, our Certification Course, and the welfare of the horses! 


Whether it's discussing how to hear and work with your horses in a different way, how to be self-full for you, horse welfare, or just to chat about life in general and have a good laugh, you are in the exact right place!

Kari and Carolyn will keep you entertained while hitting you with all the feels and definitely in your funny bone too! 

This is a podcast for life changers​, and so, it's a podcast for you! We are all life changers! 



Podcast Equine connection

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