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“Empowerment, unlike a skill you learn and retain forever, is a fundamental change within you. You don’t go back to being the person you were before you started the process. That person no longer exists.”
By Kari Fulmek

I have had incredibly challenging times in my life – on many occasions.

It took courage to rebuild, more than I ever imagined that I had.

I see this now in so many other people who learn about their own empowerment through the facilitator’s program with the business component at Equine Connection.

I hear some amazing stories from teenagers in our youth program and from women who take our weekend programs.

How do we all find the courage to get back up and return to life with a new sense of empowerment?

You do it by tapping into that deep well of strength and courage that lies within each of us, often just dormant until we need to draw from it.

It guides us in the right direction as we start to rebuild our lives. It makes you conscious that the path may change and you must find your way each time it does.

Change is the only constant in our lives.

The thing about empowerment is that you are never done with it. Once you know how to take charge of your life and live authentically, you have to keep moving forward.

With an attitude of empowerment, you build a great life, but that involves adding new parts to it and discarding others.

Empowerment is a process of human evolvement to become the best, most authentic being possible given your gifts and potential.

Once you find the courage to get back up from being knocked down, you are never that frightened again about something bad happening to you. You know that within you is a strength greater than circumstance and it is there when you need to summon it.

The important thing about life’s recoveries is to get started even if you can’t see the entire route clear to you. Once you start down a road, you will see the signs that indicate if you are heading in the right direction.

If you have to make a few detours, that is all right. You will still get to your destination and resume control of your life.

Every time you have to go through the exercise, you will go down easier and recover faster. Your empowerment grows stronger and protects you as you grow.

Kari Fulmek is the author of “Two Weeks to Empowerment: How to take charge of your life and find your true purpose” and the founder and owner of Equine Connection – The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc. She is a Certified Master EAL Instructor and a Certified EAL Facilitator. From her base near Calgary, AB in the foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, she travels the globe to empower clients. To learn more about Kari, visit her website at:



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