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A few months, then things will get back to normal.  No? Ok… a few more. Nope. Still not.  Mandatory what? WHAT DO YOU MEAN CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED!

2020 quickly gave us some serious empathy for Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day.  Mondays, Thursdays, Sundays… it was all the same. Working our tails off to continue to adapt, improvise and overcome as we had more and more changes thrown at us all the time. And it wasn’t just us. The entire world was having to figure out how to live within this new and warped normalcy.

And now that we have lived through a pandemic, we now have a greater understanding as to why the women in all the old renaissance paintings were chubby and laying around… bras? Makeup? Meh!  We realized we had to find a way out of the ever growing cyclone of just being at home.  Thank heavens for horses!

One thing we did discover through all of this, was how AMAZING the new platform for the course is! By splitting out the theory and the hands on, people are thriving at starting their businesses and developing their client base – even through COVID. And then when they take the hands on, their minds are absolutely BLOWN in how the horses speak to them.

Here is to 2021 being a year filled with happiness, freedom, health and of course, horses!



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