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Releasing is an important part of life for us to move forward and let go of those things we carry heavily around. It is not only important for ourselves, but for our horses too. We need to find ways that work for us because we are all different and therefore, need different things. 

What is releasing? It is a valuable and important component of our lives because it is letting go of the things we carry, that are causing us to feel stuck. It is things we take on as humans, which can be paralleled back to the horse, as they take on the energy that you are feeling and carrying. Releasing helps us to move forward and create a clearer vision. Especially when we work with our horses, we tend to put a lot of heaviness onto our horses, naturally, without even realizing it. If we do not release ourselves or our horses, we will be carrying around a lot of added, unnecessary stress.

Everything we do, we like to have science to back it up. The science behind releasing is simple but complex for us to sometimes actually release it. In our body, we often physically react to something that is going on which can cause things like shoulder pain or headache, for example. This then affects how our energy flows throughout our body, which is why it is important to understand how to release it. Within our bodies, we have fascia bands, aka our energy highways. If there is emotional or physical distress, the energy can sometimes get stuck on the “highway” and cannot bust through. For example, our horse JR experienced just that. 

JR was having some problems and we could not seem to get to the bottom of it; she just was not herself and in pain. We were trying everything and nothing seemed to work. This one day we went out into the field, trying to figure it out, and seriously a miracle happened! No seriously, we cannot believe how magical these horses can really be… Another horse she was hanging out by, Disco, literally took our hand and placed it on where JR was needing help. She had an indent in her shoulder (a fascia break), where she needed energy moved around. Thanks to Disco, we were able to release JR’s energy, in the way she needed. #HolyJumpin’TunaFish are these horses special. This proves the value of listening to our horses. 

Sometimes releasing is as simple as breathing. But is it that simple? Are you breathing right? Can you believe it? There is actually a right and wrong way to breathe. It actually took us a solid week to learn how to breathe properly. The way to do it is actually through your nose and not your mouth. You start by using your nose to fill up your belly, then you fill up your lungs, and then you breathe out the air through your nose pushing it back to your spine. You actually never open your mouth!

Another way to help release is simply through sweeping. Do you sweep? Not the floor, your horse! We never tie our horses up and when grooming, we sweep the horses. Sweeping the horses is a way to release them. From the wither, down the back, down the back legs to the ground. Energy is alive and energy moves. This is what mothers do with their muzzles, with their babies, she sweeps them to release them. It is a beautiful thing to help these horses to release and feel safe. They don’t have to carry stuff or block their “highway.” You’ll see, the horses will love it. They will be yawning, heavy bodies because they are in a state where they feel safe and free. If you don’t believe us, go try it and see for yourself.

Ultimately, we need to listen and understand them. We can achieve so much more with them if we are able to do this and release them when needed. They know you are listening when you are able to do this for them. Even simply grooming with a shedding brush, keep in mind “just release it” over and over. You will be amazed at the difference this makes, not only for your horse but for you as well.

Have you done some releasing for yourself or your horse today?



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