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There is something comforting about heading off to a host school where the hosts are already facilitators!  We were so excited to go out and see Rachel and Flo from Flar Equine in Hubley NS!  

The flight time was the good ol’ red eye! We figured we could fall asleep on the way so no problem!  Well, that’s not how we work so no sleep for us!

We arrived at the Halifax airport and grabbed our rental car.  A little different from the one in Texas, we went from the little blueberry car to a nice MASSIVE SUV!  A little more fun to drive for sure, that is until we saw the underground parking at our rental apartment. Not quite the space or turning radius that was needed for pulling in and out.  Every time we tried to leave the parking garage it became the scene from Austin Powers where it took 16 little turns to be able to leave.

The apartment itself was lovely!  Nice size and perfect location. Just a couple little things.  Firstly the hallway looked almost exactly like the hallway from the Shining and was about as hot as the hubs of hell as well!  Day or night, the sweating heat hit you in the face like a back wall!  The other lovely item about the apartment was the location was right in the middle of the action… maybe a little too much.  It was pride week while we were there and the party took place right outside our window!  Not that we ever have an issue with a party, but at 3am, the rave music was still pumping and we still hadn’t slept!  UN TIS UN TIS UN TIS over and over again.  And not even so that a song was normal enough to sing along to… it was really just the same line over and over again.  

One of the best things about Halifax? The food!  We love to travel and have amazing food and we found one restaurant there that really delivered!  We even went out for ice cream one night.  Being the true adults that we are, we both ordered bubblegum! But bubblegum ice cream is not as we really remembered. It was sticky.  Sticky to the point that as Kari was talking it would stick to the outside of her lips and make strings from top to bottom – a look that Carolyn found absolutely hilarious and completely broke down laughing over!

We decided that we should do something fun while we were there so booked ourselves a night time harbour cruise. What a blast!  Great tunes and great people.  Only issue was it was freezing and so windy that we looked as if we had gone through a tornado.  The plus side to that is it also gave copious amounts of laughter as we looked at each other.  Especially Carolyn hair which grew into a full disheveled sculpture upon her head.
We did get to go out on the water once more before we left as our beautiful hosts took us out on their uncles boat.  What a BLAST! Carolyn even got to drive (which made her almost giddy with excitement).

It was a beautiful way to end the trip and as we headed home from Halifax we thought… yea, we could go there again!



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