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Our Journey Around the World: Part 9 – Peace River, AB

Peace River, Alberta… It’s not a name you hear too often, but nonetheless, it is an absolutely breath taking town that everyone should visit! The trees, the river, the town! All of it is just way too sweet. We fell in love with the town itself, but also with the beautiful people that hosted our certification school there, and our ‘now’ fellow facilitators as well. This wasn’t our typical trip, because for one, Carolyn wasn’t there, and two, we didn’t get the chance to sight see because we never left the ranch! (That’s how fantastic this place is! Northbase Ranch is what it’s called – check it out if you are ever in the area!)

However, the most amazing thing happened when we were down there. For the sake of this blog, we will call it “intention is everything.” And it truly is. Intention is what you put out into the world, and in return you will get back what you’ve put out there. So when we say we can do something, darn straight! We’ve set our mind to it, and now we’re going to go get it! But if we say, we can’t do it, well then, you’re right, we can’t! And that’s intention. So this is how the story begins.

Beautiful Juicy. Such an amazing mare, so much personality, and just an absolutely loving heart! Now, from the beginning of the week, to the end of the week, the transition was HUGE! There was some history with Juicy, just issues that she had been having, and sometimes as the human beings we are, we have a hard time letting go of the past and moving forward. And so the intention that was being put out at the beginning of the week was that Juicy had certain issues restricting her from being the best EAL horse.

HOWEVER, this is where the story gets cool! Now, we had our facilitators and our lovely volunteers come out to help us run a program. The volunteers were the participants, and so we thought, let’s bring in Juicy and just see what happens! So Juicy comes in, and these volunteers, knowing nothing about Juicy’s past, and knowing nothing about the issues that were going on with Juicy (P.S. not safety issues), Juicy performed with the utmost respect and excitement towards the program! Juicy was AMAZING to say the least.

Now we know you’re asking… how can this even be possible?! Because of intention! The intention in the arena the second day coming from the volunteers was that Juicy was capable of absolutely everything, and nothing could stand in her way. And how did she act? Just like that! Nothing stood in her way, her demeanour was calm and relaxed, and Juicy showed she was the PERFECT EAL horse.

It seems to be that we always assume that something is wrong with the horse. But if we take a step back and really look at the situation, maybe it’s just an issue that we have inside of us, and the horse just reflects back the intention that we are throwing his or her way. It was an absolutely beautiful way to end the week and gave a whole new outlook, and new faith to everyone who would be working with Juicy.

So what did we learn in Peace River? Intention is everything! Don’t judge a book by its cover – if we have the right intention entering whatever situation we go into, we will be successful!



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