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Kari Fulmek Master Instructor & Senior Facilitator/Founder

Master Instructor for Equine Assisted Learning with Business Training, Entrepreneur and Specialist in Facilitating Women's Development Skills to Move Forward and Published Author

Founder/Certified Master Equine Assisted Learning Instructor/Co-Creator of 'Outside of the Box Business Package'/Author

Equine Veterinary Bemer Distributor

Horse Certification Course | Equine Connection | Horse Business | Kari Fulmek

Kari is the founder and one of the world's leading instructors in the Equine-Assisted Learning Living Certification Course PLUS Business Training. She helps others become competent to run their own successful Equine Assisted Learning business and reap the benefits of establishing their own successful horse businesses to make a living and, most importantly, find their purpose in this very short life.

Kari started Equine Connection Inc. in January 2009 as a response to her passion for horses and people, driven by God. She has always been passionate about helping others reach their dreams and goals to fulfill their earthly destiny.

As a Million Dollar Weekenders sales manager, she helped women empower themselves to find their voice and courage to create the life they wanted. As a motivational speaker, I encouraged people to maintain a great attitude every day! People forget that they have a short time on earth, so we have to live it now and not down the road. And as a manager at the Strathmore Stampede, the third-largest rodeo in Canada, she led and managed a team of over 700 volunteers!

Kari's love for horses and people has brought this certification to life, helps participants create lasting change in themselves and take the learning from the horse into their own lives. She is a horsewoman who believes in the connection between horses and humans and the power of these magnificent creatures to help us humans in this hard life. She started out her career working with horses in their language instead of the human language, which has changed how she interacts with them. Horses are prey animals, and they need to feel safe in order to trust humans. She understands this and seeks continuous learning and training to understand horses through this connection better. Kari believes in this investment to continue her journey and development of the horse world because she knows it is crucial for horses and people alike.

Kari lives just outside of Carseland, AB with a view of the Rocky Mountains just outside of the Calgary, AB area. Her better half and wonderful man is Sid Chadwick who has helped build and support her through this purposeful career since 1998. She has three daughters whom she has always said has been her greatest joy, and accomplishment in this short little life!

Kari’s philosophy for everyone who trains with her that she is not successful until you are! Her motto is "If It's Not Hard It's Not Your Dream."

She written a book called 'Two Weeks to Empowerment,' which features an intensive online course to help women to be empowered. She also has her book called 'If It's Not Hard It's Not Your Dream,' a biography of triumph over adversity and so much loss that she went through in her own journey of creating her dream career.


  • Entrepreneur and running successful businesses since she was 20 years old
  • Hearing and seeing how horses communicate to people
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills Development
  • Internationally and Nationally Recognized Equine Assisted Certification Program
  • Objectively driven programs with guaranteed outcomes
  • Training and Development for Skills in the workforce
  • Learn the difference between facilitating vs teaching
  • Problem Solving for Teams
  • Executive Leadership Skill Development
  • The ability to make up odd and endearing phrases
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We believe you have a calling - a purpose here on Earth. It's not just about making money--it goes beyond that! It’s about what fills your soul, and what brings out the best of you in this life-changing course with horses. We train you to find your true self through our Global Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Certification and Business Training Course™, which will lead you towards a fulfilling future as an entrepreneur who is empowered by what brings meaning into every aspect of your life. Having a career you love with horses...and finding happiness along the way helping humans through horses. We’re here for the long haul, for the life of your career! It's Not Just A Course...It's a Career!

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