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With all the negativity and craziness that we have had to deal with this year, we thought we could take a moment to spread some light on some more “uplifiting” stories that we have experienced during our 14 years of this business.

To begin this story I would like to give some background information to help set the scene.

We have been blessed with a master contact with the Calgary board of education, which means that we quite often get to see beautiful little humans who come to take our programs.

When they first arrive at our facility we always have a briefing where we introduce who we are and what we are doing today, but we also take a moment to talk about how that we will have a horse as our teacher.

Well, one time we had this little guy, who was very much so almost knee height, come to one of our programs. It was during the briefing that I had finished the introductions and I got to the part where I tell the kids that the horse will be our teacher today.

Xander immediately jumped out of his seat, slaps his leg and proudly exclaims “ I have always wanted to have an animal as a teacher!” 

As you can imagine the kids and teachers thought this was hilarious, but that didn’t phase this little man, one iota! 

In fact, at the end of the program, he came rushing up to my partner Carolyn and me and boldly asked “What will it take for us to come back here again? I can get all the other kids and teachers ready to go but I want to come back here again!”

Now even though his stature might have been small, this little guy had bug priorities and he wasn’t letting anyone take that away from him!



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