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Authentic You Women’s Workshop

From: $332.33 / month for 3 months

Calling all women! Lets help women unfold their potential and help give them a life with meaning because they are authentic to who they are!

Authentic You Workshops are designed with a specific series of objectives to hit the goal for their own personal journey in finding their own most authentic version of self! Women come together to discover what gives their life meaning by understanding their authentic selves. Real, sustainable change comes when your clients find the answers for themselves. 

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The horses will help your clients reach their potential as the horses are not capable of judgment and lying because, the fact is, they just can’t. Our approach will help you professionally facilitate your clients to find their worth and purpose in life and solidify where exactly they fit in the world-or give them answers about what really gets them passionate about life! What are you waiting for? It’s time to help women around the globe to, Be true. Be Authentic. Be THEMSELVES!

Beautifully designed workshop that is built of what an authentic women is in being grounded, understanding self, and being free to who she needs to be!
  • 5 new EAL programs with objectives.
  • 5 beautifully designed flip charts.
  • Station cards to go with each of the new programs.
  • Marketing cards to hand out to networking clubs, trade shows or just around town. They are created and we put your name and website on them.
  • Certificates you can print off for your clients taking the workshop.
  • Agenda for the weekend.
  • Name tags beautifully designed and ready to use.
  • Achievement words for workshop.
  • 50 pictures with verbiage for marketing on social media platforms
  • 12 professionally designed videos to market on social media platforms
  • You can use our video from our website for Authentic You to put on your website.
  • 2 for 1 coupons to get your workshops moving – we will put your company name on it.
  • A personal guide & direction book – you will get printed and had out to your clients.
  • Communication assessment to use during your workshop.
  • Food for Thoughts deck of cards – this is link you will order from to get them for your clients – you order at your discretion.
  • Food for Thoughts for in a PDF to print off to use throughout your weekend course.
  • Card planning session (Beat the crystal ball) – get 1 or 2 sets of these cards ordered. These cards are for you to use in your workshop not for clients to take home. – Demo video on how to use the cards.
  • Photo release and allergy form with your name/company name on it for clients to sign.
  • Logo in png/jpeg for your use in marketing.
  • 11×14 size picture of the beautiful picture designed by a hired artist by the name of Debi Baldwin. This is unique and totally original.
  • Demo video on how workshop works.
  • Demo video on each the EAL programs.
  • Demo video on how you will do the communication assessments.
  • Powerpoint ready to use your weekend workshop. Adjust to make it yours.
  • PDF of the powerpoint in case you don’t have a powerpoint you can use the whiteboard to get your workshop rolling.
  • Equine Connection will be promoting this workshop on Facebook and Pinterest for facilitators around the world.
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