The Famous Anti Bullying Program

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What would it be like for kids to live in a world without bullying? It’s a world that we want to get to. It’s time to STAND UP and facilitate the future! As seen on Disney’s The Family Channel.

The Famous Anti Bullying Course is designed with specific objectives to help child(ren) who have aggressive behaviours develop skills to curve bullying. These skills will include positive leadership skills, developing choice-making and goal-setting skills, and encouraging responsibility, creativity and laughter. This is an opportunity to provide bully proofing skills that are designed to work through facilitation with the horse. These children need you! Are you ready to help children learn techniques and strategies to stand up to bullying?

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As seen on Disney’s The Family Channel. The effects of bullying on mental health can last a lifetime. Bullying is a damaging force that affects mental health in profound and long-lasting ways. Eradicate bullying through initiatives focused on skills, awareness, providing prevention strategies, and educating youth to stand up for themselves. You can make a lasting difference and impact!

Dedicated to helping Youth through interactive development programs. Essential skills are needed for the growth of a community. Using equine assisted activities introduce young people to the values that are expected from them in society and is one of the best ways of participating in the building of a stronger world.

The Famous Anti-Bullying Program can be yours! An objectively driven 8 week curriculum to combat bullying. Plus a workbook too!




Product Features and What You Receive With Your Purchase:
  • 5 New Eal Programs Descriptions. REMEMBER – these can be used for any additional programs you run with adults or youth to add to your business portfolio. You will use three of your 12-week curriculum exercises to accompany this anti-bullying curriculum. Use Starting the Journey, Circuit Training, and Silent Communication.
  • 5 Professionally Designed Flip-charts.
  • Objective Bookmarks to go with each of the new programs.
  • Handouts to go with each of the new programs.
  • Teacher Handouts to go with each of the new programs.
  • Station Cards to go with each of the new programs.
  • Marketing Flyer to hand out to networking clubs, trade shows or just around town. They are created and we put your name and website on them.
  • Anti-Bullying Workbook a useful tool to use during your exercises and for a handout as they begin their journey of building skills to combat bullying. You can print off for your clients taking the workshop.
  • Anti-Bullying Curriculum to hand out to your prospective clients and organizations.
  • Leadership Quiz for clients to use during their learning.
  • The Famous, As seen on Disney’s The Family Channel Video to market on social media platforms.
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