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Virtual Summit

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YOU Are The Gift To Your Business! 

We all have one thing in common – helping people change their lives with horses!

And what better way to spend your day, than waking up and committing to learning something new that will help you grow as a person, a horse-person, AND in your business! If you are ready to take charge of your future, attend our Virtual Summit on February 29th, 2024!

No matter what stage of success you’re at – whether it be just beginning or already leading the pack – this conference has something for everyone!

The Virtual Equine Connection Summit gives you the opportunity to network with the top leaders in their respective fields and learn from the best teachers on how to implement the right strategies to improve your business!

You’ll gain insight into marketing, messaging, building your relationship with your horses, and so much more – all tailored specifically for entrepreneurs in the equine industry! #HolyJumpinTunaFish

Join your fellow horse peeps from around the world for fun, interactive, and educational sessions that will help you succeed! Plus, connect with industry pros to get hands-on advice and ongoing support in your business journey! 

Download the agenda here

*You will get access to Replays when you purchase the event!*

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A little information about our Keynote Speaker:

I’m Jessie VO, a Personal Brand Creator & Confidence Coach, and I help business owners unleash their power & inner badass. And I'm on a mission to help freelancers and professionals stand out from the competition, gain more visibility, and attract amazing clients.

Aka I'm like a fairy godmother, but instead of turning a pumpkin into a carriage, I turn your personality into a brand.

I grew up in social housing, felt ugly most of my life and yet I paved my way
to becoming a dancer/choreographer, a stylist, model agent and now a Personal Brand Creator & Confidence Coach! How could a girl with no money, no connections & feeling ugly end up at Fashion Weeks in NYC, Milan and Paris and styling for magazines, brands & celebs & dancing on amazing stages?? Well that’s exactly what I teach my clients.

I work with amazing business owners & professionals to step into their power and become that outgoing, charismatic and engaging entrepreneur that is a magnet to their clients!

Virtual Conference

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