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Ricki and Jonah and realizing we have choice!

Two young boys came to our program with no desire to participate or even give the program a try. Their facial expressions and attitudes were clear that they wanted nothing to do with the program or the horses. It is clear in life that having a bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you’ll never go anywhere and that is just what Ricki and Jonah experienced.

One day, Jonah and Ricki were working with Buddy – a horse that does not budge if he doesn’t understand what is being asked of him. He would not move a muscle for them, as the communication within the group was lacking, and therefore, Buddy was unclear as to what they wanted him to do. Jonah and Ricki’s bad attitudes inflicted upon their communication and as a result, the horse responded accordingly.

Jonah, Ricki and Buddy stood there for some time.

Allowing the team to have some time to try and work through their troubles, I decided it was finally the time to approach them and ask what was going on? Barely even finishing my sentence, Jonah and Ricki had the answer. They looked me in the eyes and said, “It is because of our attitudes. Our attitudes are so bad that Buddy will not move for us.”

Since they knew the answer, there was no need for me to continue standing there, asking anymore questions. I had to let it happen and step away.

Suddenly, out of no where, Buddy proceeded to step through the obstacle. A chill ran through my body because this was absolutely amazing! Jonah and Ricki knew exactly what they needed to do, fix their attitude, and magic happened.

I quickly walked over to them and with great excitement asked the two, how they were able to get Buddy to move?

Jonah looked me dead straight in the eyes and said, “Kari, I have been listening to you this whole time about how attitude affects everything and we have complete control over it. So I did what you taught me… I stepped away, took a deep breath and decided I needed to change my attitude. I came back with a changed attitude and Buddy listened to me.”

I looked over at Ricki and asked him what he thought. Ricki explained that he realized that he had a bad attitude but he was choosing not to change it. WOW.

It was a remarkable program because it was so clear that both of these boys understood the importance of their attitudes and how they have choice, and how attitudes and the decisions they make affects everything around you. When Ricki & Jonah made the choice to change their attitudes, or not, Buddy was in with them. Because they clearly communicated what it was that they were feeling and became the leader within.



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