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The first course that people take when coming to the Equine Connection is the Orientation. It is a way for clients to familiarize themselves with the horses and how the horses will “speak” as their teachers.

A group of women came into the program. Some fearful of the horses, others so excited they could barely contain themselves. Karsyn and Carolyn did the briefing for the course and explained in the arena how the horses would be speaking through their bodies.  The women were enthralled! The majesty of these creatures just standing with them brought them a sense of joy and contentment. 

We went through the course like normal thinking that it was a good course, but nothing mind blowing. That was until we read the ladies journals for the day. Some of them were;

  • “Letting go of a loved one is okay. Energy never dies, if just changes form”
  • “I felt love and compassion from Disco (the horse) towards myself. It was beautiful to feel that kind of love again. I am so blessed to be here.”
  • “Today it was as if all my problems went away. The horses took it all from me. Jordy the horses reminded me that I am not alone and I can ask for help. We have each other. That brings me comfort in moving forward.”
  • “Today Disco taught me that I am a powerful woman by moving an animal that is over 1300 pound. All I had to do was have my heart in it and believe in myself.”
  • “I will accept myself because I am beautiful inside and out.”
  • “I can conquer my fears. My horse moved me through my pain today and helped me see there is life after pain.”

Sometimes we have no idea what can create a huge impact in someone else’s life. Never take for granted that the little things, the small gestures, the kind words, the expression of love, or just a moment with a horse, as they can make a huge impact in someones life.



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