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We have heard all of the sayings; "it was the right time", "such serendipity", "the stars aligned".  But let’s be honest. Sometimes these things happen because we have done the ground work first for them to happen.

The problem in waiting for the right time is we are expecting it to fall into our laps. POOF! Life will all change and we will be ready. But even when we think it is the right time, it sometimes still isn’t!

There will never be a right time because you will never totally be ready.

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Think of parents. It was the “right time” to have kids. They still got rocked when the whole world changed, no matter how many “What to Expect” books they may have read. Nothing fully prepares you.

There is no difference in achieving our dreams. A dream is just that until we make it a goal. Until we work for it. It can be a very humbling experience. You can feel like you hit brick wall after brick wall. But when “the stars to align” it is not usually a matter of chance - but instead a matter of choice.

What is that thing you want more than anything else in this world. Now take that dream and decide, how do I make it a goal.

There is an old joke. A man is praying, non-stop, “please Lord, let me win the lottery. I really need to get out of this jam.”  He prays and prays. Every time that he can win the lottery to make all of his woes go away. Finally, one day, as he is praying, a white light shines down upon him. He looks up to the Lord in awe, waiting for the words of wisdom he so desired. The Lord looks down at him and says, “For heaven sakes man, BUY A TICKET!”

Moral of the story, you have to do the action to make it the right time. Take the step. Move forward. Push Harder. For heaven sakes people… buy the ticket!



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