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Let’s be honest, 2020 is oodles of crazy. 

I don’t know if you guys have all heard it – but there seems to be a big thing going around that…
As soon as we hit 12:01am on January 1st, everybody’s supposed to yell, “Jumanji!” 

Anyways – on a more professional note ;)…

Today we are gonna tell you a little bit more information about what Equine Assisted Learning is, what this course is all about and what we’re all about. 

We believe our purpose on earth is helping other humans to be able to move forward in their own life. So, this career, as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, is really one of the most humbling of jobs because you see such great greatness that happens every single time you run one of these researched, beautifully designed curriculum programs. 

It really is a privilege to be a part of doing something that makes so much sense – but also that we can partner with horses to have such fulfilling work. 

When you see that human being make a change right before your eyes – that purposeful, fulfilling feeling you get, is so incredible.

And the pure brilliance in that moment – is seeing the horse as the teacher. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Which is why we know our business model is so different then 90% of the equine businesses out there because we don’t USE our horses, we partner with them. Many certification programs out there don’t follow this model and sometimes they have way of doing things that isn’t the best approach for the human and the horse.

So really do your investigating when you’re looking for that right certification! 

The huge thing for us is that as a human being that we don’t use our horses as a tool, but instead we literally work with them as our teachers, its a partnership.

It is this partnership that has truly formed what our model is today. Because if we don’t understand the emotional and physical pieces that our horses need, along with how they are really communicating, versus just guessing what they might be saying, then we’re missing the boat on helping the people in our programs to be able to move forward.

Which is also what makes our programs so cool because the creator of them, Tamara, took mountains of university research on how humans actually learn and combined it with extensive research that has been done on wild horse communication to create objectively driven programs that provide amazing results for every person!

We know that as humans we do a ton of thinking! With all those thoughts that race through our heads we develop much conflict within our bodies!

There is conflict because when our brain has some of these thoughts, our gut does not always receive the proper information which causes a feeling of conflict and unbalance throughout the body and when our thought and feel are not on the same page, that stimulus goes to our horse!

Now because a horse is a prey animal they are extremely sensitive to any change in their environment because they are constantly on the lookout to always ensure their own safety. Which means that when we have this internal conflict going on inside of us our amazing horses are actually able to feel our unbalance!

Our job then as a trained facilitator is to watch for our horses to notice that change and take that moment as a teaching opportunity for the participant to recognize something that they may not have even noticed about themselves by asking them open ended questions.

It’s not about the right or wrong, it’s about people having the answers to their own questions. And the horse allows them to dig deep into those places to actually bring out those answers for themselves. And it’s phenomenal how it works.

That’s when we see the difference in what happens with our teacher. The horse And they see it and they’re like, Oh, I knew that about myself. Okay, so I just needed to get it out.

Its one of the most beautiful things in the world to be able to work with such amazing creatures and watch in awe how they can help us humans have such amazing realizations about themselves.



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