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“Being empowered means you feel able to act to serve your best interests. It’s stronger than self-confidence and different from selfishness. It starts with knowing yourself and your gift, and it grows from there.”
By Kari Fulmek

Because I am empowered, I am able to say something that many people go through life too scared to utter.

That is the word “no.”

To dare to say that word, you have to know yourself and what you need to do to live your life fully. You need to understand what your purposeful work is on this planet and what your special gift contributes to that work. You have to know who you need the energy to take care of and love (including yourself) and the best way to spend the short time we all have on this planet.
When you know all of those things and someone asks you to sit on a committee that doesn’t interest you, you have no trouble at all using the word “no.” You can veto efforts to take on extra chores that others can do better, and refuse to assume work that is not part of your life plan.

Self-empowerment means that you have enough confidence in your own skills and abilities to direct them to where they are most effective. It means that you value your life sufficiently to avoid spending it on things that don’t interest you or help you create value for others.
Sometimes self-empowerment seems very close to self-assurance or self-confidence. They are all related, but the source of your true strength is self-empowerment.
How do you cultivate it? You open yourself up to the teachers around you and the gift within you.

My teachers were horses and through them I understood that my real work was to empower others.

Yours may be to pull out a talent and begin to cultivate it to create something that greatly enhances the culture around you.

Every way is different, but the formula is the same. Start with an action and watch it grow! Be aware of the moment you are in and how it contributes to the life you desire. Look at the ways you can move the strength within you to support the life you want.

Move gradually over the barriers that suggest you can’t do something until you reach the place where you start to figure out how to do it and believe that you can. From there it is a short journey to accomplishing it. It’s a simple formula and yet it works wonderfully.

Who acts in your best interests? You do. Emphasis on “acts.”

Kari Fulmek is the author of “Two Weeks to Empowerment: How to take charge of your life and find your true purpose” and the founder and owner of Equine Connection – The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc. She is a Certified Master EAL Instructor and a Certified EAL Facilitator. From her base near Calgary, AB in the foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, she travels the globe to empower clients. To learn more about Kari, visit her website at:



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