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Career with horses? If you love working with horses and helping people then this is the career for you! Having a career you love with horses…and finding happiness helping humans along the way! We’re here for the long haul, for the life of your career! It’s Not Just A Course…It’s a Career!

You can make a profound difference in your community! We understand the power of authentic, meaningful connections through the horse and want to provide you with an easy way to become part of something bigger than yourself. Provide a place to develop skills and promote healing and mental wellness through the teachings of the horse.

The last few years has taken its toll on all of us. Everyone was affected by it in some capacity, whether you had a positive or a negative shift due to the global pandemic. Many people felt the pain of our losses – whether it’s work, relationships, or even simply basic human connection.

Connection is severely lacking in today’s society. It’s time to take direct control of our mental wellness. Equine Assisted Learning offers a unique and scientifically proven approach to helping you to help your community by re-engaging with the world in a positive, meaningful way.

The parallels between humans and horses are uncanny. A horse is a prey animal and the most vulnerable of beings as their #1 concern is to feel SAFE and that only comes from a connection within a herd. Humans, like horses, are social animals. We need one another. We need to come together to restore and discover trust and build resilience – all through working with the power of the horse. A horse is incapable of judging and lying and can empower people to help themselves. That’s why our curriculum is designed to help people reconnect with themselves and find ways of re-establishing the joys and well-being in their lives.

We invite you to step into the life you are meant to have and strive towards making the world a smaller place by connecting it one person at a time! Register now and make the influence of your connection felt wherever your dreams take you!



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