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For all of you who have been certified through the Equine Connection - You already have everything you need with your 12-week curriculum program, but, as the world changes, we change too - creating specialty packages for more targeted markets. We have created specific programs, curriculums, tools, & horse education with the top people around the globe to assist us horsepreneurers to another level in this life-changing career of horses helping people. The choices are endless if you want to add to your business portfolio.
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Horse Education

Heart Whispers

Discover how faith and whispers carried Joanne Moïse-Routhier through the agonizing pain of losing her son, Jesse. In this heartfelt...

EAL EssentialsEC Certified

Training Videos

Do you want to know what to say? How to say it? And how to parallel learnings to life? With...

EAL EssentialsEC Certified

Virtual Summit

  YOU Are The Gift To Your Business!  We all have one thing in common – helping people change their...

Online Courses

5-Day Business Challenge

A guide that sets yourself apart from the competition by focussing on what makes you one-of-a-kind. This 5 Day Challenge,...

EAL EssentialsEC Certified

Open Ended Question Cards

Are you struggling to ask open ended questions? Then it is time to order these open ended question cards! It...

EAL EssentialsHorse Education

BEMER Veterinary Line

WHAT IS BEMER? Bemer is regeneration therapy via Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation. Bemer utilizes a patented multi-dimensional signal (waveform) that stimulates the...

Programs & CurriculumsEC Certified

Building Men Workshop

Calling all men! Men are always being told to do better and more. Let’s put an end to that stigma...

Programs & CurriculumsEC Certified

Family Herd Series

It’s time for you to get the gang back together! This is a mission that needs YOU to help (re)connect...

Programs & CurriculumsEC Certified

Corporate Workshop in a Box

The future does not have to be scary! With THE FUTURE IS COMING, businesses can forecast times of uncertainty and...

Programs & CurriculumsEC Certified

Single EAL Exercises

If you are looking for something to add to your toolbox and spice up your existing curriculum, take a gander...

Programs & Curriculums

Be You @ The Barn

BeYou@TheBarn takes the lessons learned from our horses and brings them to life online. This comprehensive, pre-packaged program for teen...

Online CoursesMarketingEC Certified

Business Accelerator Course

BOOST YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH AND LEARN HOW TO GET CONTRACTS IN JUST 13 WEEKS This program is tailor-made for horsepreneurs...

Online CoursesMarketing

Business With Horses 101

Are you ready to turn your dreams of working with horses into a profitable reality? Look no further. Our online...

Online Courses

Two Weeks To Empowerment

You will find the courage to change and discover your deepest life purpose. You will look forward to each day...

Online CoursesHorse Education

Equus Empowered

Have you ever thought to yourself? I wonder why my horse often nuzzles me here? Why does my horse nudge...



Interested in having your website built by one of Equine Connection’s own? We build beautiful websites designed SPECIFICALLY for this...


Swipe Files

If You Are Tired of Trying To Create Content For Social Media, Ads, Blogs & Emails, or, you simply just...


Social Media Bundle

This super affordable 30-Day Social Media Bundle will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to be successful with your business...


TikTok & Reels Workshop

Our LIVE TikTok & Reels Workshop covers topics such as what short-form video is, how to use it, strategizing posts,...

Horse Education

Chris Irwin Course

The ultimate equestrian development course. Combining over 6.5 hours of masterfully produced HD video lessons with an online community and...

Horse Education

Schelli Whitehouse

The Business of Coaching with Horses What if you knew, that in a few short weeks you could finally unlock...

Horse Education

Elsa Sinclair Keynote

What if horses were given a choice? Would they let us ride them? Watch the Keynote Speaker presentation from Elsa...

Horse Education

Warwick Schiller

Another amazing course from Warwick Schiller! This is a video subscription that will be a HUGE help to working with...

Horse EducationEC Certified

Equine Guelph

You owe it to your horse that they can trust you and you will always will always put their welfare...

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